Propaganda Ain’t New


Are y’all really gonna run the same Iraq War justification bullshit back by us, with the substitution of Syria as the country of interest??? Then and Former Secretary of State Colin Powell claimed the US had substantial evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction, but the US never found those WMDs. Now, Secretary of State Kerry is–essentially–using the same language as Powell. It’s just all too similar; and we should fear a similar outcome.

Also, the US felt justified in pursuing Saddam since he was murdering and torturing his own people, which is a violation of international treaties. But, that torturing and killing Saddam was doing is kinda like the US’s capital punishment or having people serve jail time not commensurate with the crime (see, crack v. cocaine sentencing guidelines). Now, we are hearing that President Assad’s forces used chemical weapons against his own, which has yet to be confirmed. But, here comes President Obama and Secretary Kerry espousing that Assad is the new Saddam, in that he did use these chemical weapons. Maybe he did maybe he didn’t.  It just seems too flimsy. And, more than that, why is it OUR place? Can we let another country make an ass of themselves? I mean, Congress and the American people are against this strike. LISTEN to us! We have children starving here. We have people who can’t maintain a decent life here. Why are we policing the world??

Back to Syria. Like, I swear it’s the same footage of men shooting guns and rocket launchers in the middle of nowhere, into the same abandoned buildings. I don’t know what to think or believe. I haven’t been to Iraq or Syria to know for sure, but something doesn’t smell or taste right about this. I guess every American President needs their own war, right?

Maybe not going to war jeopardizes our national security. But maybe not going to war or not dropping bombs will make foreign nationals who hate us, hate us less, and not plot against this country through various forms of retaliation. This Syria shit doesn’t make any sense. Thus, I’m just trying to make the link between this effort and how it will make the U.S.  and it’s corporations money or more powerful.  It could be complex, but I know killing people isn’t still the answer for making the world safer or more profitable. Shouldn’t we be beyond this medieval approach?

Regarding why this is just a load of propaganda is there’s a report of a report. A blogger reported what they saw on a CNN report. Supposedly, Anderson Cooper was reporting, but a voice is heard in the background saying “cue the gunfire,” while Cooper was in Syria. Whether this is or is not true, it is well founded that lots of people play a role in the propaganda. And, it ain’t new.

I believe that the US dropping bombs in that country, is a continued effort from a plan set in motion prior to our current President taking office. That region of the world may have a great resource for energy. We may have a new president every four or eight years, but there is an American operation that hasn’t adjusted. I don’t have the answers, only hypothesizes. Having learned from the Bush Administration, we can’t and shouldn’t be fooled the same way.

Stuff like this makes religion or a faith in god all the more essential because there’s nothing that can be done to prevent, divert, or manipulate a situation from occurring. I want to love everybody. We don’t need anymore human loss at the hands of government or terrorism. Just chill and….legalize it. haha

F#@k is Y’all Talmbout? TWERK, MILEY!

imageWe (including me for writing this) are wasting far too much energy on something super NOT worth it, except for the gif-sets and animations being reblogged on Tumblr. Those shits are hilarious!

Fools are attempting to write scholarly articles about the affect of Miley Cyrus’s MTV Video Awards performance. And, the art of twerking is being broken down “scientifically”…or just being made fun of.

Anyway, let me ask: since when has the MTV…anything…Awards been a classy affair? Just STFU (me included, but I’ll shut up at the end of this) and laugh at the funny things life gives us, such as this. This was a performance based on a song about doing what Miley wants; partying how she wants; and not giving No Fucks about what people think. That performance did just that.

Oh, and Twerking is all black women have been doing on Vine and Instagram video, over-sexualizing themselves while creating a fad. A fad Miley wanted in on. Then got in on. Quit trippin’. Also, neither Miley Cyrus nor white people, in general, are colluding to keep black people down with Miley’s “desperrate” attempt to shed her good girl image–although–it was effective. She’s the most popular person in entertainment, now (distracting us from talking about Obama’s new war). Or notorious. She’s winning. This will just fall in line with Brittany Spears kissing Madonna, Janet Jackson’s titty getting exposed, etc.

Your reaction is completely within your right, just as it was within hers to act a fool on national television–that we spent our time watching. But, please relax with demands that chick should stop twerkin or to stop belittling black woman’s bodies by having full figured black women presented in a music video and on a national stage. There was a time when black women were complaining that their bodies weren’t appreciated. Especially, big or darker skinned black women. Images of such black women are rarely seen in Hollywood, or the entertainment industry in general, but when they are seen, they are complained about; from Oprah gaining weight to Precious. It’s more like we hate the image we see of ourselves more than white people showing the images as they actually are. But I do know the other side of the argument given the history of this country, i.e. Sarah Bartman.

Now that larger, black women are getting “attention” as back up dancers or “stage props” with Cyrus, for their butts, here comes the revolt. Goddamn. Chill. And, start being the change in the world you want to see, as opposed to complaining about shit other people are actually doing. Stop making twerk videos, which lots of black people look down upon, but now black people want to protest about a white woman doing it. You can’t be mad at Miley, when it’s you getting the ass shots and implants trying to appeal to a man, or accentuating your naturally phat ass, then posting a twerk vid. smh.

Fuck it! Keep doing spoofs and gifs of the performance and worry about real things, like why America is about to Drop Bombs Over Syria, while kids in D.C. and Chicago can’t read.  Writing a reaction post ain’t doing a thing, but calling attention to the initial act more vigorously; simultaneously ignoring real issues.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Take it that way. Black women: find the silver lining. Black people: we been gettin’ swagger jacked since forever. We’re nice as shit with the arts, as it pertains to this situation and many other things. Our next step, in the arts, should be owning our intellectual property and entertainment outlets to exploit our own talents. Be that change. FUCKYOBLOG (slash) scholarly article, ya bish. I hope this makes you feel some type of way.

The Tea Party may have Hated Right

The Tea Party, in my opinion, have been and were hating on President Obama. Moreover, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, in theory was a great idea. The way it is coming to fruition is another thing. Essentially, the insurance companies are gonna be just fine, while doctors get the short-end of the stick. But, the insurance companies and lobbyists need the Doctors. You can’t make being a doctor a non-viable profession.

Moreover, the Medical profession will die unless Med schools, the testing, and the other associated costs for aspiring med students are covered or significantly reduced (U. Chicago’s med school is already endowing every student) because of the way this legislation works. The Affordable Care Act will allow insurance companies not to pay for treatment unless patients get better. And, how exactly will that be determined. Imagine what happens then. Doctors won’t treat sick people for fear of wasted efforts, or an uncompensated effort. And, people have costs.

In other countries, there are “Death Panels” that determine whether it is worth treating a patient for improvement or letting them die while managing the pain. Apparently, that’s what is being adopted here. Some may think it’s a good idea. But, a passive euthanasia isn’t cool, right? Who knows what amendments will be made or how things will actually play out, but if some predictions are right, I feel for the Medical profession. More importantly, I fear for anyone with any health issues, which we will all have one day.

There may be some other great things in the Act, but that shit above is enough to say that I don’t like the Act, as is. The insurance companies will continue to thrive and people will not have better treatment.  On the other hand, the government has to take care of the insurance companies because the insurance companies pay lots of people. They enable people to have jobs through the revenue they generate and checks they cut.

Another short coming of the Affordable Care Act is the reaction that employers have made, in cutting jobs to part-time, so they do not have to provide healthcare coverage. This is not only hurting the money people can earn, but also any health issues that may arise with those people. The intent was great, but it’s causing major setbacks. I guess job seekers will be well-served by posting on their resume that they have health insurance through a spouse, so long as they do. Or, just lie and hope the money they make can be used for any healthcare they need. It be like insuring one’s self.

In conclusion I believe the current Act will possibly thwart progression of medicine and society. To that point, Tea Party members were simply hating on President Obama, for being progressive and making changes, as an African American. But, they may have stumbled into being right about the Affordable Care Act not being good. FUCK! I can’t believe I’m kinda on their side. But, right now, there isn’t enough information out there or regulations to guide the sick and employers alike.

Just a Thought: The Female Fitness Age

Social media has me confused into thinking that America is getting fitter. It may not be that more people are getting in-shape, so much as it is that the ones who are fit are taking it to another level, especially women. But, I do think more people are minding their fitness. (I definitely see lots of people from other countries championing the fitness game, but America is one of the fatter countries, on the planet.) I don’t have facts or stats to back this, but it could be that Americans are making a change. And, if so, women are leading the charge. I’m basing my opinion, that we are now entering or have been in a fitness age, on seeing the popularity of fitness models all over tumblr, instagram, etc.  Just visit

The fitness models are kinda setting the standard, but if people aren’t getting as fit as these fitness models, at least many people are interested in looking at them for motivation. I’m no expert in the subconscious, but seeing certain images repetitively could have an affect on the viewers. An affect such as people deciding to avoid certain foods; or, working a bit harder in the gym in order to achieve certain results–the results of others that they constantly see. Just another un-calculated observation is that the blogs or pages with the most followers, other than celebs, are fitness people.

Taking it a step further and to steal a quote often seen, “strong is the new skinny” or maybe it’s “fit is the new skinny.” Doing away with the old notion that beauty requires having an eating disorder–or a possible one.

Then, you have to consider CrossFit. ESPN covers CrossFit for hours at a time. And, I usually only see the female CrossFit competitions and there are tons of them. Or, maybe nothing has changed since years ago. It’s just that social media is a better platform or creates better access to information. And, I feel like a woman won the latest Biggest Loser.

No one has to look at fitness infomercials or Richard Simmons to guide their weight loss or “fit lifestyle.” Shaun T. and his Insanity program and P90X are way better than those Body by Jake or other bs machines or inventions that claim to get one fit over night.

At any rate, I believe I am seeing more women getting into fitness than ever before, and using social media to show off their “gains.” I think it’s a cool thing seeing women fighting for six packs like dudes try to, if not more.

Big Sean -Control Ft. Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica

Kendrick Lamar created a social media frenzy with his verse on Control. It was genius no matter how good or decent you may have determined the verse to actually be. Anyone who responds has given it credence. More than that, with every response Lamar is in the discussion, which will only enhance his popularity. Something he ultimately wanted.

We will all be looking for what Lamar does next. Some artists are afraid to respond. They don’t want to have their response compared with others responding (so far: B.o.B.- How 2 Rap; Joelle Ortiz-Outta Control; and Lupe- SLR 2), and to Kendrick’s. (All those verses were impressive, if only for the quickness in which they were turned out.) Kendrick wins no matter what. By simply naming names of newer rappers, while expressing his top rapper list; we will all be paying attention to K Dot. 

People that were left off this list were only dismissed because they are not NEW or THE BEST. So, Lupe et al, you’re neither new, nor the best. Sad but true. Although, all New Yorkers should be personally offended by the verse. Good luck to those guys trying to fight back.   

Even with all the Kendrick Lamar hype, I’m waiting on what 2 Chainz will do next. Just look at his portfolio of work over the last couple of years, starting with Duffle Bag Boy. He’s a real rapper or lyricist. His flow is unique, and his similes require you to think a bit oddly, as he must. Show respect where it’s due.

Rap artists and hip-hop heads are always trying to draw a line and say who is the G.O.A.T., but what we fail to realize is that diversity of artistry gives the discussion legs. 2 Chainz certainly adds excitement and humor to any track. Some artists don’t make it to where he has b/c they don’t have that quality. He had a good first album, let’s see what the Sophomore joint is on.

But, back to Rappers in general. Rappers have to have a love-hate relationship with their peers.  The reason being is: any rap beef helps bolster your listeners listening, but you could lose the “battle.” Having a counter-point of ideology and/or style allows listeners to have a variety. The pleasure is in the variety for me. Variety is a good thing that helps advance our tastes and perspectives. Rap, like weed, like wine, is great in that there is so much to offer. Different types take you different places, which is the cool thing. Some cheap, some more potent, some high class. You can only make distinctions when there is numerousity. Enjoy! 

Kanye West

kanye westAlthough Kanye West is a polarizing figure, everyone has to respect what he has done. Like Plato may not have made all the best arguments, but you have to respect that he was an incredible philosopher. And it’s fair to say that Kayne is a legend in a game that was once ruled by the likes of Tupac (who will live forever) and Notorious B.I.G., Master P and No Limit, Bone Thugz-n-Harmony, Wu Tang Clan, Cash Money, Eminem, NWA, Snoop, OutKast, Hypnotized Minds or 3-6 Mafia, Gheto Boys, and many more. Currently, there are folks like Jay-z, Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross and whoever else you want to throw on that list. Then, you can think about groups like the Pharcyde, Little Brother, and Tribe Called Quest; or artists such as Mos Def and Common…and Talib Kweli that he idolized and likened himself to. But those folks only shared a niche fandom. Kanye has a diverse portfolio of music which consists stylistically of all of the above, which has made him appealing to mainstream rap/hip-hop and underground alike.

Fact is: Kanye made “being yourself” a great thing. He single-handedly changed the dress code for a micro-generation. He’s like what Miles Davis was to the late 60’s and 70’s. In 2003, black kids at Harvard and colleges across the country thought it was finally “ok” to wear Polo shirts and more fitting clothing; more like what it was to be a college kid as opposed to posing while wearing do-rags and baggy…everything. College kids fronting hard as fuck–outside of some of the athletes–like they were something they weren’t. Moreover, he expanded fashion or style for the black youth and others as time went on. It was cool to take pride in your appearance again, as black people. I believe high fashion has always been in style, but he has broadened the scope. The downside is that it has created a bigger consumerism problem. He even has had to deconstruct what he did fashion-wise in order to remain ahead of the curve. He has created a hybrid of hood wear and high fashion. So Thank you, Yeezus. And, don’t be mad at him for wanting to call himself a god, unless you are also getting mad at Jay-Z, for calling himself “Hova” and everything other rapper.

Yeezy also created a unique sound in music, that “chipmunk soul” among other things, with his sampling techniques. (Don’t be mad at sampling, b/c most rap tracks were created from sampling beats.) He was the mastermind or “genius” behind the beloved Jay-z’s BluePrint 2. Also, don’t forget that he literally murdered 50 Cent’s rap career with the Graduation album. 50 was that nigga. But, he had his 15 mins and capitalized the hell out of it. And, 50 is probably a better rapper. There are a bunch of better rappers, but not every rapper can send a direct message with the ingenuity Kanye has. Plus, it’s a self fulfilling matter now. “Everything Ye poop on will explode.”  But, Kanye’s slaughtering of 50 should have put everyone on notice that Hip-Hop, Rap, or both–if there is really a difference–changed. Rap reverted back to fun times as it was conceived back in the late 70’s. Not solely about killing and or drug dealing.

Kanye Albums (from tumblr)

Kanye Albums (from tumblr)

As mentioned above, Kanye has a diverse portfolio of music. 808’s and Heartbreak still rocks. Because of that Lil’ Wayne was forced to try an alternative music album. (Btw, Yeezus is a really good album, and it doesn’t sound like anything he has done before.)

Moreover, Kanye has paid it forward and paid others back. We all love John Legend and Jamie Foxx as singers. He is part of the reason their singing careers are so good. Jamie Foxx is a beast of his own doing, but musically, Kanye helped him get on. He held Twista down, by trying to help reemerge his career, although it didn’t take off. 2 Chainz also had a really good debut album and is super hot. Kid Cudi has his niche following; and West and Cudi worked well together. Don’t forget about him trying to popularize a hip-hop violinist–Mari Ben Ari. Not all your ideas will pop, but if you keep trying enough things and staying at it, you’ll be ok. Kayne has also paid it back by including Charlie Wilson in his music. Uncle Charlie keeps a paycheck coming from Kanye. He put on for Raeqwon, Ghost Face, and RZA by featuring them on various songs and Ma$e.

Essentially, you can’t be mad at him for being an asshole with the media or childish about wanting awards. People are perfect and behaving with “class” does not have an effect on production of art. Kanye has a strangle hold on the industry and is trying to expand his empire. Good luck and much respect to that brotha. I’ll get off nuts now.

Being Black in America (maybe the world)

While most of the world is struggling, black Americans are well behind the curve, as compared to most other groups in America. What was once an intentional act to limit negroes, is now a self-administered poison, in conjunction with the actions of others with an entrenched perspective of us. Those who implemented the black codes and Jim Crow laws had no clue how this would grow through the generations. Black people don’t need government instituted reparations, but we do reparations in our culture, education of life, and living in this world. We need to pull together to do it, not apart, letting others fend for themselves. Everyone requires help.

My friend mentioned, in passing, after dealing with the murder of his brother, “I wonder how much more I could do, if I wasn’t dealing with being black.” He had so many dreams that he cant see realized because of having to worry about violence. He went on to say, “I love us, but I don’t like us.” Meaning he loves his brothers ad sister, but not the bullshit we stereotypically do; especially our crabs in a barrel mentality. His comments mirrors those made by many black people. One of those being Arthur Ashe, who wondered how much more he could have achieved if he didn’t have to deal with certain racial issues.

Ashe may feel he could have been more than a tennis player, activist, or motivational speaker, but he felt limited, or subjugated. He was able to achieve that much despite the racial problems he faced. Ashe is also quoted as saying “racism is not an excuse to not do the best you can.” He certainly did a great job. You gotta go do you, in the face of haters and non-supporters. This is your life.

Warren Buffet, in a video recorded interview with Forbes, accompanied by Jay-Z, mentioned how lucky he was throughout his life. Buffet enumerated some of his lucky moments, one of which was that he was lucky to not be born black in the 1930s.

Black people have real and imagined hurdles that stem from the melanin content in our skin, or what geographical location we originated. Really silly, but it’s really real. With this racism comes mental blocks and energy saps of thought. The exertion of effort in trying to deal with racial issues, if applied elsewhere could create limitlessness. For example, the “black community” is outraged by the Trayvon Martin issue, but why can’t the “black community” be as involved in the global economic problems, climate change issues, medical advancement, dietary problems, depletion of earth’s resources, the lack of corporate social responsibility, innovating the next big thing, or discovering new things or methods?

This is a sweeping generalization, but it’s very true–for the most part. I wish our concern was greater than the fact that blacks deal with poverty and jail time at a disproportionately higher rate than non-blacks. I’m saddened that our biggest achievements seem to be in what we can acquire for ourselves, even if it is education.

I hope that the social change issue for African Americans is as concerning as the rest of the issues that other people are concerned with. I guess, we can’t care about that until this oppression, which consumes us stops–huh? I also presume that black people can’t wait for a day that may never come to start caring about all the world issues. We have to start living in the world and creating–positively–in this world, outside of a few realms. It’s hard to do anything worth doing. This is worth doing and it will be hard.

I feel like a lack knowledge, in combination with the way neighborhoods are comprised is resulting in genocide of African Americans (we are just Americans with a mixture of descent). We are going to have to fight and learn and and live and love differently than we do now.

We just want to have Fun!

We just want to have fun..until: 

1) a man can follow a minor, engage in a fight with said minor, end up killing that minor, and be acquitted of murder charges because…???;

2) our loans for a necessary education (that costs a mortgage; and there aren’t jobs to pay those loans back) keep us from living a decent life; 

3) women can’t have any say over what they do with their own bodies (the fact that I just typed that is crazy); 

4) we don’t have any privacy; 

5) we realize corporations are pimping us all, including those that work for them that implement the practices that our harming the future;

6) we can’t eat without being broke or inevitably getting sick;

7) the important issues we keep ignoring confront us with brutal force; and 

8) we don’t have a viable planet to fuck up anymore; see global warming and or climate change. 

I hope Everyone will be alright

slide_234063_1123603_free slide_234063_1123615_free

Orlando Brown (That’s So Raven and Family Matters) and Jodie Sweetin (Full House) are beloved childhood stars turn berated adults, who were childhood stars. Nick Cannon, along with a hand full of others are fortunate to make it through the ranks without the horrible crash. America still loves them. They were able to transition. I can only imagine what it is to be make more money than your parents and have an inordinate amount of fame as a person still developing.

I just can’t help but to think that the massive amount of scrutiny these young child stars receive when “things go wrong” is directly related to the perception that they aren’t just like us. Are these child stars as troubled or more troubled than an administrative assistant with multiple DUIs and a meth problem? I would argue “no, but the admin assistant isn’t going to have the massive media coverage on TMZ about their situation.” Judge’s aren’t making an example out of the admin assistant. Judges are following sentencing guidelines that we as the public can only hope creates a specific deterrence for that admin assistant. A deterrence so that individual doesn’t further harm themselves or others. The biggest issue these young stars may deal with is feeling that they are above the law–until they aren’t.

The world has killers, rapists, robbers, kidnappers, and other criminals that these celebrities are made out to be for dealing with the let down that eventually happens to everyone at some point or another. Some celebrities just like to have a ball and then make the terrible decision to drive because they have a crew of yes-people, or they are just so out of control, only fucking up disastrously can save them. Basically, chill out media. Let these kids live as adults. We all make mistakes. Can we continued to be surprised or appalled that people with massive access to most of their desires end up faltering?

Life is a bitch and we all feel it. The distinctions between people are revealed with how individuals decide to handle the bitch that is life. Is it any sadder or a greater issue when a celebrity has to attend rehab or commits suicide than for the guy or girl next door? Why do child stars have to deal with that issue at a higher rate? (If that’s even a true statement.) I’m not entertained by a train wreck, no matter who is involved, but I pay attention just the same. Living and learning is necessary, but some lessons can be had without the “hands-on” experience. Try learning from others.

We Should Feel Stupid!

In years to come, there will be technological advancements that will shame our greatest advancement, in 2013. I’ve seen such advancements in technology with cars and gaming systems in my own lifetime, not to mention medical, aeronautical, information tech, etc. So, I can only imagine what the following generations will come up with. And, I hope to not be that old guy saying “well, back in my day…”

In the years to come, we should feel even worse about our social policies and norms than about our progress regarding technological innovation.

1) Marriage should just be marriage. Love who you love.

2) We spend more money on war than education and food. But, money that goes into funding war does fund food supply, housing, transportation, and clothing for our soldiers. Basically, people shouldn’t look to the military as being their career because it creates a decent lifestyle. Warfare is welfare that soldiers earn with their lives.

3) Drugs. How do we decide what is legal and what’s illegal? Because it certainly is not based on the harm created to the users (i.e., marijuana v. alcohol). Certain drugs are dangerous and killers, but laws aren’t stopping people nor are drug enforcement regulations or policies. Basically, we need to re-think a lot of stuff.

4) The American education system is super antiquated; even at the graduate level. Denver University creating a combined law and undergrad degree should be the trend of the nation. The LSAT and three years of law school is not what makes a good lawyer. Doctors spending four years in med school; then many more in residency, where they learn by trial and error is STUPID. But, smart people are running it? Not to mention the money wasted and student loan debt created. Fuck tradition.

4)(a) Our lives and future are inextricably linked to the internet. Therefore, C++ and other coding classes should be a part of our primary education.

5) Private Prisons? HUH!? The thought of privately owned prisons leads my next thoughts to corruption. “Let’s pay people to fill up our jails! Money talks!?”

6) The most influential people are a version of actor (rappers, singers, actors, politicians, etc.). The FUCK!?

7) Tax regs and an unregulated Wall Street. They’re Killing us in concert!

8) Social media, blogging (ha!) and smart phones. There will have to be a new DSM edition just to incorporate all the mental anguish and issues that result from the usage of those items.

9) The food we eat, how much of it we eat, and the easy access to it

I’m probably wrong about most of this stuff. It’s just my perspective.