Cops and Robbers

How mad would you be if you couldn’t distinguish the cops from the robbers? Take a step back. Forget that! How mad would you be if the cops and robbers worked together? Basically, the cops being the robbers and vice versa?Not even robbers….rapists, thieves, murderers, and the like. You couldn’t trust anyone, right? And, you would take a stand and stand up for yourself–right? You would probably arm yourself and live with a high level of paranoia–probably?

Well, that is happening. Not with the actual police and criminals–all the time–but with other people in similar dichotomous situations. For example, law makers and those entities that the laws are in place to manage and regulate the conduct of. I’m really speaking to big business. How can you trust the laws and the elected officials that legislate or the agencies that regulate for the more specific details? How can you feel protected? What is the recourse available to citizens that are being bled by the tax codes, banks, energy companies and more while those companies circumvent the system and their representatives reap the benefits? Much is mentioned about the revolving door that is Congress and Lobbying (or those in-house as Governmental Relations people for companies). That’s how it is that the cops are the robbers.

When the law fails to deter or control conduct in a meaningful way, there is no point in the law. If those who are supposed to enforce the law are those helping to break it…oh man. And, you have to hope that is the minority of enforcers, or enforcement will be a farce. It’s a farce.

We are all living together, but it’s not harmoniously at the moment. It stems from a very selfish perspective on life and it’s painful to many in a pervasive manner through many aspects of life. :

Diversity of thought, class, background, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and so on, are needed dynamics, which are lacking. And academic attainment is being used as an excuse to draw a line. education fosters group think and kills diversity. So the diversity that is supposed offer divergence in thought is only a masquerade ball for those similarly situated. Diversity will make for more active and effective discussions for progress. And, there’s some, but not in all facets. But, when best friends and people of the same thought, class, and so forth are on both sides of the law, it’s going to create a shit storm for the rest. It’s Shit Storming by the way.

Obama is a Political Genius

It could be that President Barack Obama is a political genius. I mean, he did become President as a black man. And, his learning curve has probably been twice as hard as his predecessors given he adds his blackness to the equation. The pushing for the war against Syria was his way of getting what really wanted. He didn’t want to bomb or go to war with anyone. He just knows, given what he has dealt with in the past with Congress, Congress will be anti him. Therefore, he had to be pro-war in order to have his desired result of no war.

I hypothesize he has played pro-war knowing it would get killed in congress, while appeasing those entities with defense contract interests. Thus, he looks war hungry and tough, but ultimately won’t go to war. Goddamn! ✌Not going to war is exactly what he and we want. My President!

On the other hand, he has been overseeing drone attacks. We all have to make concessions? Or, he really may want war. And, he may not be as intelligent as I am positing he is.

Just a thought. Who really knows? But, the US presence in the Middle East won’t be fading. We’ll see what’s next b/c we still have to make sure Saudi Arabia’s interests and power remains protected in the Middle East. That’s like the US’s role or something.


Propaganda Ain’t New


Are y’all really gonna run the same Iraq War justification bullshit back by us, with the substitution of Syria as the country of interest??? Then and Former Secretary of State Colin Powell claimed the US had substantial evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction, but the US never found those WMDs. Now, Secretary of State Kerry is–essentially–using the same language as Powell. It’s just all too similar; and we should fear a similar outcome.

Also, the US felt justified in pursuing Saddam since he was murdering and torturing his own people, which is a violation of international treaties. But, that torturing and killing Saddam was doing is kinda like the US’s capital punishment or having people serve jail time not commensurate with the crime (see, crack v. cocaine sentencing guidelines). Now, we are hearing that President Assad’s forces used chemical weapons against his own, which has yet to be confirmed. But, here comes President Obama and Secretary Kerry espousing that Assad is the new Saddam, in that he did use these chemical weapons. Maybe he did maybe he didn’t.  It just seems too flimsy. And, more than that, why is it OUR place? Can we let another country make an ass of themselves? I mean, Congress and the American people are against this strike. LISTEN to us! We have children starving here. We have people who can’t maintain a decent life here. Why are we policing the world??

Back to Syria. Like, I swear it’s the same footage of men shooting guns and rocket launchers in the middle of nowhere, into the same abandoned buildings. I don’t know what to think or believe. I haven’t been to Iraq or Syria to know for sure, but something doesn’t smell or taste right about this. I guess every American President needs their own war, right?

Maybe not going to war jeopardizes our national security. But maybe not going to war or not dropping bombs will make foreign nationals who hate us, hate us less, and not plot against this country through various forms of retaliation. This Syria shit doesn’t make any sense. Thus, I’m just trying to make the link between this effort and how it will make the U.S.  and it’s corporations money or more powerful.  It could be complex, but I know killing people isn’t still the answer for making the world safer or more profitable. Shouldn’t we be beyond this medieval approach?

Regarding why this is just a load of propaganda is there’s a report of a report. A blogger reported what they saw on a CNN report. Supposedly, Anderson Cooper was reporting, but a voice is heard in the background saying “cue the gunfire,” while Cooper was in Syria. Whether this is or is not true, it is well founded that lots of people play a role in the propaganda. And, it ain’t new.

I believe that the US dropping bombs in that country, is a continued effort from a plan set in motion prior to our current President taking office. That region of the world may have a great resource for energy. We may have a new president every four or eight years, but there is an American operation that hasn’t adjusted. I don’t have the answers, only hypothesizes. Having learned from the Bush Administration, we can’t and shouldn’t be fooled the same way.

Stuff like this makes religion or a faith in god all the more essential because there’s nothing that can be done to prevent, divert, or manipulate a situation from occurring. I want to love everybody. We don’t need anymore human loss at the hands of government or terrorism. Just chill and….legalize it. haha

We Should Feel Stupid!

In years to come, there will be technological advancements that will shame our greatest advancement, in 2013. I’ve seen such advancements in technology with cars and gaming systems in my own lifetime, not to mention medical, aeronautical, information tech, etc. So, I can only imagine what the following generations will come up with. And, I hope to not be that old guy saying “well, back in my day…”

In the years to come, we should feel even worse about our social policies and norms than about our progress regarding technological innovation.

1) Marriage should just be marriage. Love who you love.

2) We spend more money on war than education and food. But, money that goes into funding war does fund food supply, housing, transportation, and clothing for our soldiers. Basically, people shouldn’t look to the military as being their career because it creates a decent lifestyle. Warfare is welfare that soldiers earn with their lives.

3) Drugs. How do we decide what is legal and what’s illegal? Because it certainly is not based on the harm created to the users (i.e., marijuana v. alcohol). Certain drugs are dangerous and killers, but laws aren’t stopping people nor are drug enforcement regulations or policies. Basically, we need to re-think a lot of stuff.

4) The American education system is super antiquated; even at the graduate level. Denver University creating a combined law and undergrad degree should be the trend of the nation. The LSAT and three years of law school is not what makes a good lawyer. Doctors spending four years in med school; then many more in residency, where they learn by trial and error is STUPID. But, smart people are running it? Not to mention the money wasted and student loan debt created. Fuck tradition.

4)(a) Our lives and future are inextricably linked to the internet. Therefore, C++ and other coding classes should be a part of our primary education.

5) Private Prisons? HUH!? The thought of privately owned prisons leads my next thoughts to corruption. “Let’s pay people to fill up our jails! Money talks!?”

6) The most influential people are a version of actor (rappers, singers, actors, politicians, etc.). The FUCK!?

7) Tax regs and an unregulated Wall Street. They’re Killing us in concert!

8) Social media, blogging (ha!) and smart phones. There will have to be a new DSM edition just to incorporate all the mental anguish and issues that result from the usage of those items.

9) The food we eat, how much of it we eat, and the easy access to it

I’m probably wrong about most of this stuff. It’s just my perspective.