In re Gentrification

It’s well established that gentrification has been taking place in many major cities across the USA. I can only speak to that which occurred in DC with any accuracy, as a native Washingtonian and current DC resident. In DC, it may be that the transition is complete, and once inner city-urban areas will now be just known as city living.

The positive aspects of the result of gentrification are the renovation of city and quality of businesses that have emerged in once ghetto ass areas, or the hood, or the ghet. It’s brought an economic boom to DC. It’s actually pretty cool to see. Sadly, African Americans could not create the same outcome.

The displaced or former residents of certain neighborhoods need to be over having to accept the change, and deal with the new norm. There’s no need to be mad or bitter. But, I believe there is something that can be learned for this experience.

Regarding the positives, and dismissing any of the discussed negatives, let’s learn from those around you, those who you weren’t accustom to before. Try to understand how it is that white people can create and attract business, outside of having an above decent living wage from family money or jobs. (So long as tax increases do not force the remaining historic residents to sell.) Try to understand their mindset, culture, and goals.

Having diversity in a more natural setting and over a longer period can be more beneficial than the crafted environment that many hope college can create. But living shoulder to shoulder in neighborhoods, is like living out Martin’s dream, even if it’s because of the economic benefits.

Regarding the economic benefits of gentrification, we should all realize that the nation’s economic situation is fucked and required people to find a way to keep costs from debilitating them for a lifetime. At any rate, White flighters’ children and–simply–transplants of various origin have returned or come to take advantage of a more convenient and modern lifestyle.
The lifestyle is great for many reasons, not just economically, but that’s very crucial.

Now that inner-city areas of cities are diversity hubs, lets take the time to appreciate any positives that can come. Learn from it all, and digest it, and move forward.