This blog lets me think aloud, while potentially being able to share those thoughts with people. I welcome feedback and discourse to help me grow.

Wanting to have input on current events led to creating this site, but its more than that now. When watching or reading the news from various outlets, then hearing or reading expert or lay opinions, it created an itch. An itch that I can only scratch by chiming-in. This isn’t about informing so much as it is about analyzing what the information can be indicating. Or, a place to just bring an idea to light from my perspective, with my background.

Who am I?

I’m an African American male, who is married, an attorney, and currently residing in the DC metropolitan area. Various levels of education and schools within each level (transferred a lot) has taken me many places. Virginia, North Carolina, New New York (Long Island), Illinois, and Philadelphia, Pa. Being a former athlete, I was also able to travel a lot. It allowed me to be go places I wouldn’t have had I not played.

Welcome! Enjoy!

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