Trayvon Martin: Just sharing my thoughts! (unedited and unrevised)

1) Trayvon Martin will live forever as a result of being murdered.  Sadly, many people (and a high percentage of black people) feel that no justice was served. Moreover, people think that race played a major role in the outcome. In my opinion, the verdict was against the great weight of the evidence. Brushing all potential legal arguments aside is Jury nullification. Jury nullification permits a jury, as a group, to decide in favor of a defendant that they want to give a pass or reasonably believe is not guilty after all the evidence has been presented.

MY MAJOR POINT: Until we as black people get as outraged about black people killing other black people as we were about a white-looking person killing a black person, then we will never receive the sympathy or justice we want from those outside of the black racial group. We have to stop killing each other…please!

2) After I just drew racial lines, I would hope that there is a day humans can get beyond trying to make distinctions based on appearance. The core, soul, and mind are hidden from sight. Therefore, we should rely on more than sight when making judgments.