We Should Feel Stupid!

In years to come, there will be technological advancements that will shame our greatest advancement, in 2013. I’ve seen such advancements in technology with cars and gaming systems in my own lifetime, not to mention medical, aeronautical, information tech, etc. So, I can only imagine what the following generations will come up with. And, I hope to not be that old guy saying “well, back in my day…”

In the years to come, we should feel even worse about our social policies and norms than about our progress regarding technological innovation.

1) Marriage should just be marriage. Love who you love.

2) We spend more money on war than education and food. But, money that goes into funding war does fund food supply, housing, transportation, and clothing for our soldiers. Basically, people shouldn’t look to the military as being their career because it creates a decent lifestyle. Warfare is welfare that soldiers earn with their lives.

3) Drugs. How do we decide what is legal and what’s illegal? Because it certainly is not based on the harm created to the users (i.e., marijuana v. alcohol). Certain drugs are dangerous and killers, but laws aren’t stopping people nor are drug enforcement regulations or policies. Basically, we need to re-think a lot of stuff.

4) The American education system is super antiquated; even at the graduate level. Denver University creating a combined law and undergrad degree should be the trend of the nation. The LSAT and three years of law school is not what makes a good lawyer. Doctors spending four years in med school; then many more in residency, where they learn by trial and error is STUPID. But, smart people are running it? Not to mention the money wasted and student loan debt created. Fuck tradition.

4)(a) Our lives and future are inextricably linked to the internet. Therefore, C++ and other coding classes should be a part of our primary education.

5) Private Prisons? HUH!? The thought of privately owned prisons leads my next thoughts to corruption. “Let’s pay people to fill up our jails! Money talks!?”

6) The most influential people are a version of actor (rappers, singers, actors, politicians, etc.). The FUCK!?

7) Tax regs and an unregulated Wall Street. They’re Killing us in concert!

8) Social media, blogging (ha!) and smart phones. There will have to be a new DSM edition just to incorporate all the mental anguish and issues that result from the usage of those items.

9) The food we eat, how much of it we eat, and the easy access to it

I’m probably wrong about most of this stuff. It’s just my perspective.

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