I hope Everyone will be alright

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Orlando Brown (That’s So Raven and Family Matters) and Jodie Sweetin (Full House) are beloved childhood stars turn berated adults, who were childhood stars. Nick Cannon, along with a hand full of others are fortunate to make it through the ranks without the horrible crash. America still loves them. They were able to transition. I can only imagine what it is to be make more money than your parents and have an inordinate amount of fame as a person still developing.

I just can’t help but to think that the massive amount of scrutiny these young child stars receive when “things go wrong” is directly related to the perception that they aren’t just like us. Are these child stars as troubled or more troubled than an administrative assistant with multiple DUIs and a meth problem? I would argue “no, but the admin assistant isn’t going to have the massive media coverage on TMZ about their situation.” Judge’s aren’t making an example out of the admin assistant. Judges are following sentencing guidelines that we as the public can only hope creates a specific deterrence for that admin assistant. A deterrence so that individual doesn’t further harm themselves or others. The biggest issue these young stars may deal with is feeling that they are above the law–until they aren’t.

The world has killers, rapists, robbers, kidnappers, and other criminals that these celebrities are made out to be for dealing with the let down that eventually happens to everyone at some point or another. Some celebrities just like to have a ball and then make the terrible decision to drive because they have a crew of yes-people, or they are just so out of control, only fucking up disastrously can save them. Basically, chill out media. Let these kids live as adults. We all make mistakes. Can we continued to be surprised or appalled that people with massive access to most of their desires end up faltering?

Life is a bitch and we all feel it. The distinctions between people are revealed with how individuals decide to handle the bitch that is life. Is it any sadder or a greater issue when a celebrity has to attend rehab or commits suicide than for the guy or girl next door? Why do child stars have to deal with that issue at a higher rate? (If that’s even a true statement.) I’m not entertained by a train wreck, no matter who is involved, but I pay attention just the same. Living and learning is necessary, but some lessons can be had without the “hands-on” experience. Try learning from others.

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