We just want to have Fun!

We just want to have fun..until: 

1) a man can follow a minor, engage in a fight with said minor, end up killing that minor, and be acquitted of murder charges because…???;

2) our loans for a necessary education (that costs a mortgage; and there aren’t jobs to pay those loans back) keep us from living a decent life; 

3) women can’t have any say over what they do with their own bodies (the fact that I just typed that is crazy); 

4) we don’t have any privacy; 

5) we realize corporations are pimping us all, including those that work for them that implement the practices that our harming the future;

6) we can’t eat without being broke or inevitably getting sick;

7) the important issues we keep ignoring confront us with brutal force; and 

8) we don’t have a viable planet to fuck up anymore; see global warming and or climate change. 

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