F#@k is Y’all Talmbout? TWERK, MILEY!

imageWe (including me for writing this) are wasting far too much energy on something super NOT worth it, except for the gif-sets and animations being reblogged on Tumblr. Those shits are hilarious!

Fools are attempting to write scholarly articles about the affect of Miley Cyrus’s MTV Video Awards performance. And, the art of twerking is being broken down “scientifically”…or just being made fun of.

Anyway, let me ask: since when has the MTV…anything…Awards been a classy affair? Just STFU (me included, but I’ll shut up at the end of this) and laugh at the funny things life gives us, such as this. This was a performance based on a song about doing what Miley wants; partying how she wants; and not giving No Fucks about what people think. That performance did just that.

Oh, and Twerking is all black women have been doing on Vine and Instagram video, over-sexualizing themselves while creating a fad. A fad Miley wanted in on. Then got in on. Quit trippin’. Also, neither Miley Cyrus nor white people, in general, are colluding to keep black people down with Miley’s “desperrate” attempt to shed her good girl image–although–it was effective. She’s the most popular person in entertainment, now (distracting us from talking about Obama’s new war). Or notorious. She’s winning. This will just fall in line with Brittany Spears kissing Madonna, Janet Jackson’s titty getting exposed, etc.

Your reaction is completely within your right, just as it was within hers to act a fool on national television–that we spent our time watching. But, please relax with demands that chick should stop twerkin or to stop belittling black woman’s bodies by having full figured black women presented in a music video and on a national stage. There was a time when black women were complaining that their bodies weren’t appreciated. Especially, big or darker skinned black women. Images of such black women are rarely seen in Hollywood, or the entertainment industry in general, but when they are seen, they are complained about; from Oprah gaining weight to Precious. It’s more like we hate the image we see of ourselves more than white people showing the images as they actually are. But I do know the other side of the argument given the history of this country, i.e. Sarah Bartman.

Now that larger, black women are getting “attention” as back up dancers or “stage props” with Cyrus, for their butts, here comes the revolt. Goddamn. Chill. And, start being the change in the world you want to see, as opposed to complaining about shit other people are actually doing. Stop making twerk videos, which lots of black people look down upon, but now black people want to protest about a white woman doing it. You can’t be mad at Miley, when it’s you getting the ass shots and implants trying to appeal to a man, or accentuating your naturally phat ass, then posting a twerk vid. smh.

Fuck it! Keep doing spoofs and gifs of the performance and worry about real things, like why America is about to Drop Bombs Over Syria, while kids in D.C. and Chicago can’t read.  Writing a reaction post ain’t doing a thing, but calling attention to the initial act more vigorously; simultaneously ignoring real issues.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Take it that way. Black women: find the silver lining. Black people: we been gettin’ swagger jacked since forever. We’re nice as shit with the arts, as it pertains to this situation and many other things. Our next step, in the arts, should be owning our intellectual property and entertainment outlets to exploit our own talents. Be that change. FUCKYOBLOG (slash) scholarly article, ya bish. I hope this makes you feel some type of way.

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