Chicken or the Egg

The Chicken or the Egg discussion usually leads to great theoretical debates and perplexing concepts that rely on other theories…not facts.

What if the real answer is that there is No Beginning, and there is No End.

Evolution and progress is continued growth of new beginnings that are dependent upon other new beginnings that could stem from an end or the death of something else leaving us with no way to know what was the beginning or end–if there is such a thing.

Then, we avail ourselves of the GOD argument. But then, why was GOD GOD? Don’t question God! But does God have a God that has a God? Do they co-manage each other. Is there only one?

Just accepting that we (humans and all life on earth) will become something else, over time, brings me peace. It’s like ascension.

We Need Each Other

We need each other. Men and Women. One cannot exist without the other. Thus, there shouldn’t be a battle between the sexes, so much as team work with the two. But ideas that gained traction; took flight; and gave birth to: laws, religious practices, stigmas, and major inequality between the sexes have bred a great divid between the sexes across the world.

The solution? It’s here. Encourage, love, support, cultivate, and adore each other as you would yourself. But yet, women are still fighting battles in the workplace, for their bodies, and respect in general. Things are looking up, the next era and generation will be so much better off given the pioneers of yesterday and today being brave enough to demand change.

The evolution must continue with embodying certain values in all of ourselves. And, no one should be exempt from guilt for perpetuating old concepts of gender roles. Once parents and communities start raising little girls to compete for accomplishments the same way boys are taught, then we will see equality, so long as this is done without any judgements about women desiring to be creators, leaders, or taking control of their own sexuality.

The healing process has started, and should be protected in order for the process to return the desired result. Equality.

To Evolve our Concept of God and Religion

Way back when people thought the world was flat, we had Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, among other religions. Since then, not only did we find that the world was round, but additionally we learned that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and that the Sun is not the center of the universe. Countless other discoveries, through scientific processes have unveiled enormous amounts of knowledge. Thus, enhancing our understanding of the world we live in, bringing humans closer to a realization that many want. Why is it not similarly possible to have our understanding of God and our religious practices improve bringing those who practice closer to what is required of us while on this planet?

The only thing we should do is continue seeking “truth,” new realities and new possibilities; then embrace them and incorporate them.  Change and growth is part and parcel of realizing our purpose.

Concept of God through Sports

I don’t have to look further than my athletic experience or other people participating in sports to help me understand bigger life conundrums or know that a “higher power” does exist. I know there to be a God/Gods/God-like-force in the universe and functioning this planet because of the miracles I’ve witness in watching sports and playing sports. As athletes, we are like living physics problems; we are also like artists. But, sometimes when art and science can’t fill that gap, we have to turn to something else. Thus, I found myself transfixed at times seeing or feeling the presence of God in what I was doing or watching in rarefied moments, because it was unexplainable without such. You could make the argument that “science just hasn’t come far enough yet.” But, we will never be able to explain our existence as it is, purpose, and all the questions that start with why.

My concept of God isn’t associated with any one religion, but more so a collection of many religions. God is availed everywhere as like an energy in the atmosphere, especially in times when science or probability leave us stupefied. For example: when that hockey, basketball, lacrosse, or billiard ball player makes a miraculous shot, that can’t be duplicated because of the perfect alignment of “the planets” if you will, to allow for that triumph for that team or person in that very moment, while simultaneously creating joy in others watching; and the associated pain for the opposition, to learn from that experience. Giving them the chance to bounce back and appreciate their next win or success (moral victory) more deeply. That has to be something greater than coincidence or luck or misfortune depending on which side of the equation you are on. People often time wonder why a God, would focus on sports. 1) I don’t think it is right to personify God; but 2) why wouldn’t God work in sports as with the rest of life since it is a part of life just the same; also 3) There is so much attention in the sports world, if God were to want to send a message, why wouldn’t “he/she/it” want to express their powers there? But again, God is something else that’s everywhere, all the time, drawing on our energy as we get it back from that energy.

God is that presence when two cars collide, but no one is injured, because of the occurrence as it unfolded allowed one or both people to defy the odds of incurring pain. God was there when the vehicles were being designed to be safer. There is video of a person being perfectly spit out of his car as it rolled over, landing him on his feet, with pure bewilderment on his face, as his car went on to get thrashed. (Wish I could find it to link it. But this is good enough.) God is that presence which allows a surgeon to have the focus, skill, and ingenuity to combine correctly to help save a life in the most delicate or intricate of situations. Or,  it’s where the Internal Medicine doctor that has been sleep deprived, is still able to go through the memory bank and combine that knowledge with a unique perspective to allow them to treat a ailing patient, ailing from a little known problem, as glorified in the television show House.

Sadly, car accidents, or when other less than fortunate events take place that have a tragic outcome also leave us questioning the presence or existence of God. “Why me?” we wonder with pain and agony. And I don’t know!

Even when I fail in the future, or when I have failed in the past; or experience other unfortunate occurrences, I know I have to remain steadfast in my work ethic, while hopeful, as I keep trying to create a time when things materialize as I dreamed them. If and when it happens, it is bigger than me or you, the individual, but a sum of effort, the procedure or steps taken, probability of success, and good fortune working in our favor. We can only take responsibility for so much when things go wrong just as when things manifest as desired.

In athletics, especially a team-sport, players and coaches analyze what could’ve been done better or differently, often times resulting in a player being held accountable. An awesome and most pure approach is that the team outcome is the accumulation of many events not to be blamed on one person; or allow one person to have all the glory. But, too often, we see players feeling the pressure or accepting the blame for a loss, when there were many players out there on the field or court. But what about when a player drops a pass only he could’ve caught to win the game, or miss a shot only he had the opportunity to make? It becomes very absolute then. Either it went well or it didn’t. Was it fear of failing or fear of success, lack of talent, or something bigger? But one thing is true: there is another time to get it right…unless that was the last. Hopefully we aren’t experiencing the last one, but you never know when it is or the next to last one. Just give it your all and be thankful for every experience. And understand that there are other venues for the expression of talent to create success or happiness.

In my estimation, Athletics are a microcosm of life in its entirety. And athletes have a very direct connection to the physical and incalculable energy that exists in the world. It’s why I love my sport of choice and was so sad when I didn’t have the opportunity to continue it at the highest level. But, I’ve found peace in that I can still play the game and still feel that connection.

Now, I’m moving forward with what I have learned from the game and those lessons have been priceless for me in the non-sport world. I also can better appreciate that there is something greater working its show too.

Propaganda Ain’t New


Are y’all really gonna run the same Iraq War justification bullshit back by us, with the substitution of Syria as the country of interest??? Then and Former Secretary of State Colin Powell claimed the US had substantial evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction, but the US never found those WMDs. Now, Secretary of State Kerry is–essentially–using the same language as Powell. It’s just all too similar; and we should fear a similar outcome.

Also, the US felt justified in pursuing Saddam since he was murdering and torturing his own people, which is a violation of international treaties. But, that torturing and killing Saddam was doing is kinda like the US’s capital punishment or having people serve jail time not commensurate with the crime (see, crack v. cocaine sentencing guidelines). Now, we are hearing that President Assad’s forces used chemical weapons against his own, which has yet to be confirmed. But, here comes President Obama and Secretary Kerry espousing that Assad is the new Saddam, in that he did use these chemical weapons. Maybe he did maybe he didn’t.  It just seems too flimsy. And, more than that, why is it OUR place? Can we let another country make an ass of themselves? I mean, Congress and the American people are against this strike. LISTEN to us! We have children starving here. We have people who can’t maintain a decent life here. Why are we policing the world??

Back to Syria. Like, I swear it’s the same footage of men shooting guns and rocket launchers in the middle of nowhere, into the same abandoned buildings. I don’t know what to think or believe. I haven’t been to Iraq or Syria to know for sure, but something doesn’t smell or taste right about this. I guess every American President needs their own war, right?

Maybe not going to war jeopardizes our national security. But maybe not going to war or not dropping bombs will make foreign nationals who hate us, hate us less, and not plot against this country through various forms of retaliation. This Syria shit doesn’t make any sense. Thus, I’m just trying to make the link between this effort and how it will make the U.S.  and it’s corporations money or more powerful.  It could be complex, but I know killing people isn’t still the answer for making the world safer or more profitable. Shouldn’t we be beyond this medieval approach?

Regarding why this is just a load of propaganda is there’s a report of a report. A blogger reported what they saw on a CNN report. Supposedly, Anderson Cooper was reporting, but a voice is heard in the background saying “cue the gunfire,” while Cooper was in Syria. Whether this is or is not true, it is well founded that lots of people play a role in the propaganda. And, it ain’t new.

I believe that the US dropping bombs in that country, is a continued effort from a plan set in motion prior to our current President taking office. That region of the world may have a great resource for energy. We may have a new president every four or eight years, but there is an American operation that hasn’t adjusted. I don’t have the answers, only hypothesizes. Having learned from the Bush Administration, we can’t and shouldn’t be fooled the same way.

Stuff like this makes religion or a faith in god all the more essential because there’s nothing that can be done to prevent, divert, or manipulate a situation from occurring. I want to love everybody. We don’t need anymore human loss at the hands of government or terrorism. Just chill and….legalize it. haha