Just a Thought: The Female Fitness Age

Social media has me confused into thinking that America is getting fitter. It may not be that more people are getting in-shape, so much as it is that the ones who are fit are taking it to another level, especially women. But, I do think more people are minding their fitness. (I definitely see lots of people from other countries championing the fitness game, but America is one of the fatter countries, on the planet.) I don’t have facts or stats to back this, but it could be that Americans are making a change. And, if so, women are leading the charge. I’m basing my opinion, that we are now entering or have been in a fitness age, on seeing the popularity of fitness models all over tumblr, instagram, etc.  Just visit buffyshot.tumblr.com.

The fitness models are kinda setting the standard, but if people aren’t getting as fit as these fitness models, at least many people are interested in looking at them for motivation. I’m no expert in the subconscious, but seeing certain images repetitively could have an affect on the viewers. An affect such as people deciding to avoid certain foods; or, working a bit harder in the gym in order to achieve certain results–the results of others that they constantly see. Just another un-calculated observation is that the blogs or pages with the most followers, other than celebs, are fitness people.

Taking it a step further and to steal a quote often seen, “strong is the new skinny” or maybe it’s “fit is the new skinny.” Doing away with the old notion that beauty requires having an eating disorder–or a possible one.

Then, you have to consider CrossFit. ESPN covers CrossFit for hours at a time. And, I usually only see the female CrossFit competitions and there are tons of them. Or, maybe nothing has changed since years ago. It’s just that social media is a better platform or creates better access to information. And, I feel like a woman won the latest Biggest Loser.

No one has to look at fitness infomercials or Richard Simmons to guide their weight loss or “fit lifestyle.” Shaun T. and his Insanity program and P90X are way better than those Body by Jake or other bs machines or inventions that claim to get one fit over night.

At any rate, I believe I am seeing more women getting into fitness than ever before, and using social media to show off their “gains.” I think it’s a cool thing seeing women fighting for six packs like dudes try to, if not more.

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