Every Day!

I’ve only hypothesized, but still unshakenly believe it as true, that the calendar we follow does not accurately reflect or precisely define when the Earth completes one revolution around the Sun (our notion of what demarcates a year). Whether I’m right or wrong, the calendar does give us uniformity with something tangible to turn to for milestones. Our calendar effectively allows us to be on roughly the the same page, with everyone in the world (although I know for a fact that the calendar does not account for the minor changes in the time it takes the Earth to circle the Sun. [Even with a leap year trying to account for the changes.]). Dismissing my desire to be precise, I will be wishing the world a Happy New Year, at 12am Eastern Standard Time. I’m bound by these rules. Another unsolicited hypothesized-fact is that our seasons of (winter, spring, summer, and fall) our changing–at least when they start.  

Alright. So, my whole point in saying that, was to say that even though we are bound by these rules, we shouldn’t rely on our calendar telling us it’s January 1st, to spark our resolutions or lifestyle change. Or, think that with the Earth hurling in concert also bound by rules or laws of gravity through an infinite universe that January 1st is any more special than April 27th or any other day. Basically, I made my new year’s resolution for the rest of my life sometime in the middle of 2013. That resolution is to use each day to be the person you want to be. I can’t wait around for a calendar or other conveniences. I know I’m right too. Thus, I think everyone else should feel that way. haha. At any rate, Happy New Year you amazingly, beautiful people of the world.  

We Need Each Other

We need each other. Men and Women. One cannot exist without the other. Thus, there shouldn’t be a battle between the sexes, so much as team work with the two. But ideas that gained traction; took flight; and gave birth to: laws, religious practices, stigmas, and major inequality between the sexes have bred a great divid between the sexes across the world.

The solution? It’s here. Encourage, love, support, cultivate, and adore each other as you would yourself. But yet, women are still fighting battles in the workplace, for their bodies, and respect in general. Things are looking up, the next era and generation will be so much better off given the pioneers of yesterday and today being brave enough to demand change.

The evolution must continue with embodying certain values in all of ourselves. And, no one should be exempt from guilt for perpetuating old concepts of gender roles. Once parents and communities start raising little girls to compete for accomplishments the same way boys are taught, then we will see equality, so long as this is done without any judgements about women desiring to be creators, leaders, or taking control of their own sexuality.

The healing process has started, and should be protected in order for the process to return the desired result. Equality.

Dying Privacy

Are people still killing each other for shoes!??? For fucking shoes!????….

In an age where we are scared of the XBox One because we feel like Microsoft and the government will be in cahoots conducting surveillance of us!???

We’re living the future and in the Stone Age at the same time.

To Evolve our Concept of God and Religion

Way back when people thought the world was flat, we had Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, among other religions. Since then, not only did we find that the world was round, but additionally we learned that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and that the Sun is not the center of the universe. Countless other discoveries, through scientific processes have unveiled enormous amounts of knowledge. Thus, enhancing our understanding of the world we live in, bringing humans closer to a realization that many want. Why is it not similarly possible to have our understanding of God and our religious practices improve bringing those who practice closer to what is required of us while on this planet?

The only thing we should do is continue seeking “truth,” new realities and new possibilities; then embrace them and incorporate them.  Change and growth is part and parcel of realizing our purpose.

Happiness for Christmas!

All around us we can see examples of inequality, injustice, and an inability of those who wield power in the form of money or governmental position to do “right.” Because of the internet, the world can also view via Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and billions of blogs and art with symbols of love and positive quotes how to live wonderfully with ourselves and others. People are defining themselves, living to enrich the lives of others, and growing in a positive light even without having everything that they thought would make them “happy.” Happiness is real and it’s definition is internal. And, people are finding that they can be merry, joyous, and full of love and compassion even if they are not presented with it because they are creating it. Tough people are emerging. The toughness in them is a result of finding control of their minds and souls while shuttering many fears because of dealing and surviving the perceived worst of times. Things are never as bad as they seem, especially when you can find how to glean the good, then make that good much better. 

Michael Jordan’s bastards dying for Jordans

From 1984 to 2014, Michael Jordan has created hopes for many hoping to be just like him, just as a kid may want to be like his father… “Like Mike…I wanna be like Mike.” Jordan was the first sports figure to merge the art of his sport–basketball–with commerce as successfully as he has.

MJ is a pioneer. Like most pioneers, he has created a lineage of those hoping to follow his lead to meet the same success as his. And wearing his shoes are the closest many will get. It’s why young black kids camp-out hoping to be as cool or cooler than the rest by purchasing a pair of MJ’s shoes. Albeit, the culture has taken a life of its own, given the amount of trade value the shoes have created for some. And for the rest? For the rest, it is something to literally die for. People buy shoes knowing that they could be murdered for them, given the history we know of. Rest in Heavenly Peace to the many souls lost.

I looked up to MJ, trying to model aspects of my game after his game. I wasn’t the best copycat, but I love the game and loved watching the best player play. Now, as a grown man, I wish he would mature too, beyond the analysis of margins and dollar amount. I now see that he was a magnificent player that created an unattainable standard to meet. I see that only the best others can get is a comparison to him see Kobe and LeBron. Moreover, Jordan was a young man who played ball and did so very well. But there is great responsibility that comes with greatness. You owe a duty to those who put so much into your fandom, to not let them perish for a material thing.

But now, Jordan is as ruthless or shrewd as a business man as he was a player. He is a cold killer. He played for the Wizards to get closer to ownership. He rode along with Bob Johnson just to takeover the NBA’s Bobcats.

Jordan may not want to get into politics, or the business aspects of his business, but he clearly does not give two fucks about the continuous loss of life and handicap that handicaps the finances and lives of people who look very much like him, some of whom who only have hopes to reach a sliver of the success he has. If I can see it, so can he.

How can he sleep? Does he just never watch the news or surf the Internet? He has to know. How can you keep selling a product that kills? People are dying over shoes made with his likeness emblazoned upon the side….in sweatshops no less. It’s a gift or a curse to have so much power. And to not be bothered by it!?

Damn, MJ! I hope there’s heaven for a gangster.

Being a Token!

African Americans or Black people are many times considered as being a “token” in situations where they are the only one. But, I’m sure any minority can feel this way given the circumstances. These individuals find that in being a “token” they have to validate, disprove, or represent for an entire culture all while assimilating to another culture in order to gain acceptance. In this circus like balancing trick, that amounts to nothing more than the entertainment and easiness for others, those folks burdened with playing token never find themselves. My message is simple: Find yourself. 

Tokens are not tokens unless they decide to be. Tokens are the most visually unique person in the room. There is no need to call attention to it, or try to hide it. The unique qualities speak for themselves. Moreover, “tokens” or the only one of their kind, in the room, should not feel the need to conform. Especially since they never really will be able to conquer that conquest. And, those around them shouldn’t want them to either. It is understandable that having them take on certain cultural norms makes life easier for the rest, but no one, and i mean no one stops and considers that soul of the unique one. What about the ease for them and their cultural norms they may be forced to abandon? 

Bring yourself to the world, without having to worry about the skin the universe gave you. Bring your identity to those around you, not the other way around. Even though it is a give-and-take situation, you should be able to give something. Diversity is not just in sight, but in sound, personality, ideas, and more. Embrace your similarities and differences alike without fear of judgment and loneliness. 


A long distance relationship

Near or far, I feel you,
Any bird can remind me,
Knowing it soars through,
The same skies we see,
Balancing on our winds that blew,
Each day the moon shines,
Reflecting shared sunlight,
Hurt heart from existence of distance,
Pleasure in the love that dare dare
Relief in realization that love never dies,
The only thing we know to defy time,
Courage, bravery, and persistence,

Pro Black

In wake of Kanye West’s latest intentionally, incorporated rant into his on stage performance during his Yeezus Tour, I realized that if he and others want the change they seek, as African Americans than they should really be that change. The rant suggested that Michael Jordan should have been able to transcend his play on the court, which made the NBA a very entertaining league and the Chicago Bulls the valuable franchise it is, into a position in the front office. But instead Jordan went on to work, then play for the wizards, as a necessary step to allowing him to gain the inroads to ownership….which didn’t happen while there.

If Jordan, Magic, Jay-z, Oprah, Tiger, and Shaq wanted to own a team they could (Jordan does and Magic has a minority share) by putting their resources together, then establish the organization. An organization that can be the opportunity the way they wished they had, when they were fighting to prominent places.

Those aforementioned mega stars aren’t the only people that can do this. Players like Gilbert Arenas, Joe Johnson, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Kobe Bryant could save and pool their resources to own, by buying an NBA franchise.

These players who make their organizations special can one day run a special organization in a way they wish they had played for, during their tenure as players. This will change the culture through sacrifice and team work. The only way! It will alter horizons for young kids coming up. Seeing beyond the game while creating a better environment for the game. This goes for other industries too.

The Thing About Cages

We created these cages…

The cages aren’t only for the lions, tigers, and bears

The cages aren’t only made of steal bars and fears

The cages have been made for the special among us,

The cages have been made with complexified ideas

contained within pages of text

The cages have been made for more than just slaves,

and the reprobates.

We’re all being robbed and we’re all endangered

to our own cages that we set up

Be careful not to slip and fall in your own trap or cage

Be greater than limitations and known possibilities

Stop being your own or others’ enemy.

we cage the greats (to be unique is to be great);

we hold them back and gang up on them;

so hide if you’re special;

blend in;

don’t stand out;

be a carbon copy;

fuck uniqueness; and

seek mediocrity.

It’s easier.