Free Agency 2014

The Decision 2.0, might best be described as the entire 2014 free agent class, with LeBron leading the way. The fact that the players having been gearing up for this summer, for a season in the making, suggests a game-change to me. The players, post-lockout, are now realizing their power differently. As evidence, see Kobe Bryant, who once thought teaming up with other big names was a bad thing, or that he wouldn’t do it. Now look at him. Thank LeBron who is thinking business as much as he is thinking basketball. Think of one of the recent Kobe interviews where he stated something along the lines that their pay and amount of what they are being paid is just as important to them as it is to the owners and other professionals. The 2014 summer is going to change the professional sports business, at least for basketball. There has been grand media attention to this and overshadowed the Spurs win and Heat loss. It’s like last season and the final results are unimportant and don’t matter. And we are seeing that the only loyalty that exists is to playing the game, and to the individual, and to winning. A reconfiguration has arrived. Embrace it.