Dear Donald Remy,

Donald Remy. “I hope you’re bad at your job” – above the law

Dear Donald Remy,

You recently said,¬†“student-athletes are not employees within any definition of the National Labor Relations Act” and that there is no existing employment relationships between the “NCAA, its affiliated institutions or student-athletes.¬†This union-backed attempt to turn student-athletes into employees undermines the purpose of college: an education. Student-athletes are not employees, and their participation in college sports is voluntary. We stand for all student-athletes, not just those the unions want to professionalize.

Where do I start? Congratulations for becoming the NCAA’s General Counsel? Do you really believe what you are saying is correct? Can can show us exactly how NCAA athletes do not meet the standards of being an employee? Or is simply stating it, as if it is a fact, enough? Are student-athletes employees of their individual universities? Isn’t your decision to work for the NCAA voluntary too? You don’t have to work there? Where do you think the revenue and money generated come from to pay your salary? Try to cut the line of connection to the players off if you would like, but it is impossible. Oh, are you saying “if you don’t like [playing college sports]..quit” to student-athletes? How many coaches enticed players to sign an agreement to play at their institution? Do you realize that you are taking on the voice of a legitimized criminal operation, see Antitrust violations such as price fixing? Can you see that not treating “student-athletes” like employees is like operating a sweat shop or other forms of oppression like slavery? A free education isn’t free if you are working (by playing a sport) to get it. Getting perks for playing is a distraction, not the value for what is deserved. But you take this position because you must think it is okay because “laws” can be construed and interpreted in a way to support your position–right?

Ultimately, change is coming. And you will regret these comments. Facts don’t seem to appeal to colleges and the NCAA, so there is no point is showing the much discussed facts. Turning to rules and policies created by those with the power, who are effectuating the injustice are not rules that should really be relied on, now should they? See Jim Crow laws. It’s why unions are formed!!! But, if you have a concept and appreciation for history you will know that change is inevitable. This NCAA system is going to change. With that, your comments seemingly lack insight and intelligence that you have. But, your comments definitely reflect your value system of doing whatever it takes for the money.

The NCAA has grown beyond the imagination of those who created it. Maybe not. But as the NCAA is currently, there must be a change to give justice to the players who are producing the blood, sweat, excitement, and other things that the Colleges and NCAA have made billions from unjustifiably without sharing an adequate piece of the pie with the players. Now, when players are seeking to level the playing field, here you come in your hired attack dog role. You lack vision and a moral compass. You’re why people don’t like lawyers.


A former NCAA Div.-I athlete and lawyer

Life is fair

Life is fair. We all have our problems. And we all reap what we sow. Measuring ourselves by a measuring stick created with certain learned ideals designed by a combination of individuals that didn’t account for your experiences means it isn’t all inclusive. Thus, it should be ignored, adapted, or replaced by you for you. Be the king of your life.

If life isn’t fair, it means someone is cheating…compensate for that. Make life fair or make life cheat for you. We all have that opportunity. Life is fair.

Eat Right


Eating the “right way” is a significant prong in a healthy lifestyle. Without question. But I propose that we may have vilified fast foods and gmo infused foods without the consideration that there is anything redeemable about them health wise. Bear with me, please. This is just ahem food for thought. This is my World War Z moment, where I want to be that lonely voice in the room, suggesting something a bit different, with a few sayings as my basis in conjunction with one another.

Okay so they say there’s, there’s a balance in life, and if you combine that saying with you are what you eat and everything in moderation, then could it be possible that some fast foods and gmo products can be good for you.

So there have been studies to show that McDonald’s hamburger, if left at room temperature in a natural environment will remain untouched but will harden and become stale, yet and still remain intact. Twinkies are said to never go bad. Ants and other bugs will stay away from it too. The negative stuff is well documented and the negative stuff can apply in the same context for the counter argument to the argument I am about to make.

The argument is that bioengineering advancements or modifications (so not to connote that all innovation is good) of our food products and chemically infused foods strike a balance in our world to counteract other actions, such as food shortages, diseased foods or a protection of our food source in some other way. Given this result, and in combination with taking on physical traits of your food, it could be a way to preserve the human body from bacteria and slowing of deterioration, so long as this kind of food is consumed in moderation. I understand that as is, people are over eating, and it’s causing a myriad of issues. But maybe just maybe, eating a genetically altered or chemically infused food every so often can create a positive change in the human development. Some already propose that our foods are making us bigger than we were before, maybe our foods can make us live longer too if consumed with responsibility.

With the understanding that science is a method for understanding through experiments that enable advancements overtime of studying and producing from that, it goes that we do not have all the answers ever. We are constantly learning. As time forges ahead, the food products of today could lead to a better future if approached with due care. Who knows?

I recognize that our foods are killing us in the amount of salt, fats, and sugars associated with them in such the large portion sizes we consume them. But if we reduced the salt, fats, sugars, and eat these foods, which would probably taste like nothing without them, in moderation; it could possibly add years to our lives. No way to know without seeing it happen over time.

Fyi, this was not an attempt for an excuse to eat poorly because the following link contains facts to counter my points:

Attracted to the Dedication



In this era of physique ogling, many responses to the fittest of the female and male images are made known. Some positive and some negative. Either way, I observe and have my own reactions which range from positive to negative. Regardless of the aesthetically pleasing physiques–or not–I come back to the same conclusion. The dedication required is the most appealing, dismissing the physical manifestation.

Someone spent a massive amount of time thinking about and acting on their body. Their body of work…steeped in dedication. Additionally, they spent more time and energy crafting their diets and implementing them. It’s the holistic approach that goes unappreciated at times. I think the same is true with any figure of success, including but not limited to individuals like engineers, that help create our water systems or Playstation 4; doctors who research and discover remedies to advance humanity; or, any person that brings a valuable idea to life. The common strand is dedication. Constant, consistent and relentless in bringing a belief in thought to truth in the physical. It’s the representation of mind over matter. That is when we should all think about our negative or unavailing positive responses to work, and be appreciative of the work ethic if nothing else.

2 Visible Heroes!

Thank you, Richard Sherman and Kanye West. Richard Sherman has just proven that black people come in many shapes, sizes, intellect, personalities, and abilities. He’s an academic success and NFL football extraordinaire. Kanye West stood up for black people in a real way. He went off on a racist person, physically, the way he always appeared he would if you listened to how he talks. “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” was a verbal lash out that was manifested physically manifested in order to protect his wife and child’s honor. Yeezy backed up his shit talking, just like Richard Sherman did.

They are heroes simply for backing up their shit talking like Muhammed Ali did regularly–many years ago. But they are more so heroes for the command over the media they earned while vehemently portraying truth about the world. Sherman showed us they don’t want to hear our minds, but only see our bodies in action, so they can talk for us. West’s situation showed America is still fucked up and did what every man has wanted to do when pelted with racial slurs, no matter their color. Congratulations for capitalizing on your moments time and again.

Yes, the Super Bowl will be a bowl game with racial undertones!! And marijuana overtones. The bowl for the best bowls. Fuckyeah2014.

Pro vs. College sports

Rivalries aside, pro sports are more appealing to watch than the collegiate ranks. In watching pro sports, a viewer can feel comfortable in the idea that they are watching the best at their craft. And, a viewer inherently knows that the players are the valuable commodities, which are compensated for that value. This concept just makes me feel good when watching as opposed to when watching college sports. Regarding collegiate athletics, the focus revolves around the coach of a team more than the players or the school itself, with a few exceptions. Which makes sense…since players circulate through the ranks so fast. The coaches are mainstays.

Even with that, I still do not find that a coach should be deemed the most valuable, especially when considering that most schools recruit themselves. Coaches are the only people paid for their services that entertain thousands, if not million, so it goes that they are the most valuable, which is not really accurate. Outside of Coach K, Vince Lombardi, Coach Wooden and Red Auerbach many coaches are very much as replaceable if not more so than players. The professional ranks seems to reflect that concept in the haste at which coaches turnover. But college coaches get tenure like professors it seems.

It’s hard to watch a game where the credit is not adequately attributed to the individuals making the operation function–the players. We cheer when a kid throws, while another catches, a touchdown pass, not when a timeout is called. It’s the execution we adore, not the mystery play design. But make no mistake that success, at any level of athletics, is a result of a great symbiotic relationship between players and coaches.

Pro sports are more appealing to watch because you know you are watching the best. It’s about the players too. Just look to the effect LeBron James had on the Miami Heat fan base. Exemplifying that the power is in the player. It is an awesome recognition of the power of the talent, which should come as no surprise considering that the player is the one performing, sacrificing, and risking their health.

Pro sports are more enjoyable to watch because those sports more accurately reflect the free market that America was built upon. In America, a customer may be a huge fan of Chevrolet because the Corvette is their favorite car. But once another car of a different brand becomes their favorite by way of superior engineering which creates a better driving experience, it would make sense for that customer to proclaim that other brand as their favorite. And no one would harass that customer for being a fair weather customer or jumping on the band wagon. It’s not bad to like the best, unless you’re a Hipster. Brand management is an essential operation to a business just as providing the best product. Having the best product is best for business. And Pro sports are all about getting the best.

I guess I’m a fan of talent and the entertainment value when watching sports, which bears no allegiance to an organization. Thus, I prefer to watch the best no matter who they play for.
But me likening pro sports more than collegiate athletics really has to do with the state of collegiate athletics. Maybe when the NCAA is accurately described as a farm league for the professional ranks; and when it’s permissible to reward those collegiate athletes with incentives beyond a non-guaranteed scholarship, then I can enjoy watching as much as I do professional sports.

Lastly, the fact that someone can potentially become a billionaire for precisely picking all the choices for the March Madness Basketball bracket is ridiculous, while players still can’t get paid. The NCAA value will increase because of everyone tuning in to watch games. This should be making the case–further–to pay NCAA athletes.

About My Pain

I trained for my own pain
believing it would be relieved in success,
such so to override the pain it took to get there,
yet never realizing that I trained for my own pain.

I am who I am. And it will be what it will be,
but I can’t see beyond the misery.
I made the me I am, for the dream of who I am,
yet unaware that I trained for my own pain.
The pain is freely given for those on this road, need no tarots for this is no

Simply and shamelessly gullibly ignorantly oblivious to my training for for my own pain.
Not enough paint can paint the painting to my pain.
Can’t point the finger knowing I was the master of my slavery.

I trained for my pain to become a slave–unknowingly.
I’m the me I am that created the slave I am,
unnoticing the grave I’m digging for where I’ll lay one day.

Not sure how I didn’t realize that I was training for my own pain, yet a pain I didn’t train for, but no less adore.