The Tea Party may have Hated Right

The Tea Party, in my opinion, have been and were hating on President Obama. Moreover, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, in theory was a great idea. The way it is coming to fruition is another thing. Essentially, the insurance companies are gonna be just fine, while doctors get the short-end of the stick. But, the insurance companies and lobbyists need the Doctors. You can’t make being a doctor a non-viable profession.

Moreover, the Medical profession will die unless Med schools, the testing, and the other associated costs for aspiring med students are covered or significantly reduced (U. Chicago’s med school is already endowing every student) because of the way this legislation works. The Affordable Care Act will allow insurance companies not to pay for treatment unless patients get better. And, how exactly will that be determined. Imagine what happens then. Doctors won’t treat sick people for fear of wasted efforts, or an uncompensated effort. And, people have costs.

In other countries, there are “Death Panels” that determine whether it is worth treating a patient for improvement or letting them die while managing the pain. Apparently, that’s what is being adopted here. Some may think it’s a good idea. But, a passive euthanasia isn’t cool, right? Who knows what amendments will be made or how things will actually play out, but if some predictions are right, I feel for the Medical profession. More importantly, I fear for anyone with any health issues, which we will all have one day.

There may be some other great things in the Act, but that shit above is enough to say that I don’t like the Act, as is. The insurance companies will continue to thrive and people will not have better treatment.  On the other hand, the government has to take care of the insurance companies because the insurance companies pay lots of people. They enable people to have jobs through the revenue they generate and checks they cut.

Another short coming of the Affordable Care Act is the reaction that employers have made, in cutting jobs to part-time, so they do not have to provide healthcare coverage. This is not only hurting the money people can earn, but also any health issues that may arise with those people. The intent was great, but it’s causing major setbacks. I guess job seekers will be well-served by posting on their resume that they have health insurance through a spouse, so long as they do. Or, just lie and hope the money they make can be used for any healthcare they need. It be like insuring one’s self.

In conclusion I believe the current Act will possibly thwart progression of medicine and society. To that point, Tea Party members were simply hating on President Obama, for being progressive and making changes, as an African American. But, they may have stumbled into being right about the Affordable Care Act not being good. FUCK! I can’t believe I’m kinda on their side. But, right now, there isn’t enough information out there or regulations to guide the sick and employers alike.

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