“We the People…”

We are what makes life special. “We” meaning every single person on earth. There’s no telling who the next pioneer is; or, who will have the right combination of skill, environment, and chance to help redefine living and further our understanding. Which is why is it is so unbelievable that we have created so many “isms” (racism, sexism, classism , etc) and taken on a plethora of self-destructive behavior. These behaviors are systematically plaguing progression. We have to support and love one another. We’re all the same.

How much talent has been lost in the streets of Chicago? How much talent has been lost because we think we still have to approach life as humans as “only the strong survive?” People go hungry when there is a surplus of food? But violence in general is a killer of talent. And “isms” are a killer of confidence. A person has to believe in themselves in order to achieve, but that’s stripped away when people are confronted with hatred or resentment about something that’s meaningless. But it seems so real.

People are our greatest resource. We established domestication, airplanes, the Internet, space travel and the international space station, highways, satellites, music, artistry, and so much more. And even if that was “God’s doing,” God acted through us. God’s brilliance comes from all kinds of people. Therefore, we have to cultivate that resource that is us. There’s so much unknown about the possibilities of this universe and the possibilities of people here on Earth.

Finding Infinity

Your Quran, Bible, Zen and Torah….
Can’t explain the pain
Infinitely…pained by infinity
The Holy Trinity….
has yet to make sense of and make it make sense to me what it is that is…..

My mind can’t get beyond the pain or the grain…of sand on beach that is the Sun’s equivalence…
No truer sense of pain is my insignificance….
That floats through unremembered, unthought of, uncared for, and unnoticed…..
in infinity….
Infinitely Infinite infinity.


DiYI’m done complaining. And, I’m pretty sure we all need to stop complaining and start being active in fixing things. Stop expecting someone else to do what it is you want done for yourself. Do it Yourself. Martha Stewart made millions. The old adage, “if you want something done right, you should do it yourself” is more applicable to today’s political-socioeconomic environment than ever before. The main problem with DiY is the access to certain items and the knowledge or know how. The latter is far easier to get to these days, in this “information age,” but the access presents the biggest issue. Access is the key, and the key is money. Sometimes access can be a person.

Doing it yourself is great, but at times it is better to have a professional do it. Especially with craftsmanship, cutting hair, medical stuff, legal issues, real estate transactions and so forth. But, with money?? It’s time we start empowering ourselves and managing our own money. If the economic collapse didn’t teach us something post 9/11, then nothing will. Play with a 401K if you’d like. Paying money into a magical pot and expecting it to come back way better is nice. Just tell me how it really works? Ask yourself how so many 401Ks got wiped out.  Oh…and expecting that paying into social security will hold you over in retirement is foolish. Don’t rely on your parents’ or grandparents’ antiquated scheme. Be your own money manager. Invest your own cash. Taking your own risks. It takes research, luck, and diligence; and a bit of access to resources, but that’s better than losing money while the people you pay to manage it still make money on your wins or losses. I am a proponent of IRAs.

Additionally, insure yourself. Don’t rely on an insurance company to bail you out. There have been and will continue to be too many horror stories about what insurance companies won’t pay. Yeah…pay for insurance because it is going to be required. And pay for insurance especially in the event a chronic or serious illness or injury occurs. But for your everyday problems, like paying for maintenance of yourself or house or car, it may be necessary to have a rainy day fund that you create. And, put away enough money that you can withstand a blow.

What’s the main problem with this? People need wages which can allow them to do this. Thus, you have to live well below your means, which will require you to do things or not do things you “feel” is beneath you. It’s investing for the future. Fuck YOLO. Consider this: doing what everyone else is doing and expecting to have a better result than them is ____________ (fill in the blank). We are going to have to act differently and think more critically if we want to have something outside of the norm. The reason you would want something outside of the norm is because the norm is misery. Normal is barely being able to keep your nose and mouth above water long enough to get some air for when you have to go back under. It’s why people have been protesting across the globe.

You’re not in the 1%, and if you are, don’t mess it up. There is a requirement of being conservative, yet being willing to take educated chances. “May the odds be ever in your favor,” I guess.

Cops and Robbers

How mad would you be if you couldn’t distinguish the cops from the robbers? Take a step back. Forget that! How mad would you be if the cops and robbers worked together? Basically, the cops being the robbers and vice versa?Not even robbers….rapists, thieves, murderers, and the like. You couldn’t trust anyone, right? And, you would take a stand and stand up for yourself–right? You would probably arm yourself and live with a high level of paranoia–probably?

Well, that is happening. Not with the actual police and criminals–all the time–but with other people in similar dichotomous situations. For example, law makers and those entities that the laws are in place to manage and regulate the conduct of. I’m really speaking to big business. How can you trust the laws and the elected officials that legislate or the agencies that regulate for the more specific details? How can you feel protected? What is the recourse available to citizens that are being bled by the tax codes, banks, energy companies and more while those companies circumvent the system and their representatives reap the benefits? Much is mentioned about the revolving door that is Congress and Lobbying (or those in-house as Governmental Relations people for companies). That’s how it is that the cops are the robbers.

When the law fails to deter or control conduct in a meaningful way, there is no point in the law. If those who are supposed to enforce the law are those helping to break it…oh man. And, you have to hope that is the minority of enforcers, or enforcement will be a farce. It’s a farce.

We are all living together, but it’s not harmoniously at the moment. It stems from a very selfish perspective on life and it’s painful to many in a pervasive manner through many aspects of life. :

Diversity of thought, class, background, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and so on, are needed dynamics, which are lacking. And academic attainment is being used as an excuse to draw a line. education fosters group think and kills diversity. So the diversity that is supposed offer divergence in thought is only a masquerade ball for those similarly situated. Diversity will make for more active and effective discussions for progress. And, there’s some, but not in all facets. But, when best friends and people of the same thought, class, and so forth are on both sides of the law, it’s going to create a shit storm for the rest. It’s Shit Storming by the way.

rejection, losing, failure.

imagesApplying for jobs was once a humbling ordeal given all the rejection I’ve faced in the process. Now, I see rejection as par for the course in all that I do. Me being a fake philosopher and always trying to draw analogies, I see how rejection or failure is pervasive and necessary throughout life. I believe that failure, rejection, and hard times are necessary steps in order for me, and others, to: 1) actually know what success is; and 2) appreciate the success when it comes.  These feelings arise with Romantic relationships, sports, a professional or working career, business ventures, blogging, making and keeping friends etc. Some are on a different plane of thinking and have a Zen like view. Not every win is a win, not every loss is a loss. And we all aren’t the same. I can only speak for myself. But, I no longer treat my shortcomings as weight on my shoulders.
It may be obvious, but I just got another rejection letter. Strangely enough, I’m not feeling any sour or bitterness from it. All I know is I must keep on pushing. I know there are people who hate rejection and use it as a tool or motivation to work harder and prove their doubters wrong. I guess I feel the same way, I just don’t take it as a personal affront because “[they] know not what [they] do.” Alternatively, I think I see that I just need to work a bit harder and smarter while taking more risks.
Rejection, losing, and failure is not a new phenomenon for me. As a youngster,  I ran track, and I didn’t finish in first place all the time or in every event I competed in; and I missed out on qualifying for the higher levels of competition. But, it was informative. I had to learn how to cope then learn from my mistakes. The losing  told me I wasn’t good enough and I needed to work harder during the off season to improve. It was fun too. I relished the opportunity to compete again. I wasn’t the best basketball player everywhere I played and definitely not the best at every level.  I thought I was a beast, but not enough others felt the same. The teams I played for would lose games. A lot of games. There was a time when colleges coaches were not interested int recruiting me. At every chance,I had to keep proving my worth.
After college, agents didn’t want to sign me, and teams cut me, or just ignored me. Next thing you know, I took the LSAT and didn’t score very well. Thus, I had to attend a law school that wasn’t my dream school. Rejection letters came like clock work. Then, I had to compete in law school for A’s which never came. I had to take the bar more than once. Opening that email to find I failed was the most egregious pain that no one could prep me for. I feel like there was no greater failure in my life, to date. I have never been given the “ok” to relax, or given the feeling of accomplishment that says you don’t have to keep working harder and harder.
I’ve seen failure and rejection far too much. But, I am not worried about the next instance. I’ve been confronted with the feelings associated with losing frequently. But, here I am. And, all I can do is keep going. I have learned that continuing to push is far easier when you don’t harbor ill will or resentment or bitterness. I feel like I have a better understanding to the saying “roll with the punches.” The difference I will have to make is in the execution. And, I can’t just prepare. I have to prepare perfectly in order to have that perfect performance or outcome, so that when it is time to execute perfectly I will. Perfect Practice makes Perfect.

Sports as a Reflection of Culture: Be Multifaceted


(Leonardo da Vinci)

I can only accurately speak to football and basketball, but it’s clear that the best athletes in their respective sports are multifaceted. Drawing a comparison to the rest of the world, it seems that the most successful or well-known people have a myriad of skills, that are very effective.

If you are a sports fan and end up watching highlights via the various media outlets, you may be familiar with LeBron James, Miguel Cabrera, Robert Griffin III (Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson), etc, to name just a few. These athletes are threats in multiple ways. And they are considered some of the best in their respective sports, or at least at their position. If they aren’t right now, they will be. LeBron James can shoot, pass, rebound, and defend. Miguel Cabrera is an excellent hitter who won the first Triple Crown in many years, for being a high percentage hitter, home-run hitter, and hit to enable others to score (they are highly correlated in my opinion, but still). Robert Griffin and the new age of Quarterbacks, can run with the ball very well and pass the ball with accuracy. Although there will always be a place for a Peyton Manning or a Tom Brady who are incredibly cerebral and accurate passers, there seems to be an infatuation with these hybrid football players. These athletes do several things very well, making them the most effective or valuable.

Drawing the comparison to the non-sports world, I posit that the most success people and corporations do many things very well. Most people who find themselves financially successful aren’t people who just work wonderfully at their job or within their career. They take on other ventures. They seek opportunities in real property; play the financial markets; find other means of income via board membership; all while spending money wisely.

President Barack Obama is an educator, writer and politician, some aspects complimenting the others. A person I just heard about named Randal Pinkett, seems to have never taken a break. And, Jerry Jones or Daniel Snyder are successful because they have their hands on as much as they can, while shouldering and shuttering much risk. Steve Jobs had more than Apple. He was an essentially part of Pixar.

Wal-Mart is an easy corporation to point to that is a one stop shop. You can go there and get clothes, food, entertainment items, household needs, and far more. This isn’t a secret, but the best athletes are a reflection of that, now. Specialist are becoming obsolete. Why play a 3-point shooter, when you can play a 3-point shooter that can rebound and defend? Why go to the liquor store, when you can go to Wal-Mart to get your liquor and mixers, and sunglasses and Advil?

Athletes in their triple or quadruple-threat-ness, mimic corporations who have cornered several markets, or people who have embarked on championing several fields. This may be the reemergence of a Renaissance era, where you must do a multitude of things in order to stand out. Maybe that has always been the case, but our athletes are reflecting that idea right now.

Success isn’t only defined by fame or money. But, if you are a good friend, spouse, or parent, it is likely because you are more than just humorous, affectionate, providing, good at lending an ear or advice. It’s probably a combination of those things.

I Promise I’m Not Crazy or High…right now!

Movies are great, in that they provide insight into the emotions, feelings, perspective during the occurrence and combination of certain happenings. Movies are great barring the sensationalism, although they do speak to the requirement of luck in life (my randomness).

After seeing World War Z, ghost and other horror movies, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, all the MIB movies, and other world or life changing events shown in a one to two hour format, you get to thinking what would you do if that were to happen. Would I be the hero? The first causality? Or, a lucky island vacationer watching the news and praying to stay safe?

Me!? I can’t wait for Predators to show up or the Alien visitors, assuming they haven’t actually arrived and live among us like in MIB or plotting to take over like in The Faculty.

Why!? The Human Race is stagnant right now…for the most part, socially speaking. We need a mean ass wake up call. The only problem with that wake up call, if it were to happen right now, is that we would be SO unprepared. Our leaders!? Are failing to lead. But they can’t reasonably implement evacuation procedures without scaring the shit out us. We get rattled by new Stop light and speeding cameras. But seriously, our leaders are failing to lead because we still hate each other based on image; state or country lines that don’t actually exist, but in our minds and maps. We kill each other over “territory” or a “block” that we don’t own property on, if we can actually even own property. We focus on the importance of playing Monopoly, but with actual life and land.

Lastly, I really do recognize and appreciate how far we have come since the last century and recordation of human existence, although I take it for granted. We have a long ways to go, socially more than technologically. And, there is way more to be done technologically. Imagine if Christopher Columbus or Galileo magically got a chance to see what the world looked like today. Their minds would be blown walking on sidewalks, seeing cars, buildings, planes, trains, Flat screen tv’s, smartphones, how we dress, and more. Like, imagine what advances we’ll have in 50 years. I guess we need to keep pushing and FUTW.


“Fuck it I want a trillion,” says Jay-z. I feel you, and I hope you get it. “Good luck with that, bruh.” Seriously, I hope he and we all get what we want. More than that I hope we go for Image

what it is that we really want. Me!? I just want peace of mind. Young people who were always told what to do and how to do it, while seeking the approval of those telling them, turn into old people who need to be told what to do and how to do it while seeking the approval of others. Nah…I’m good off that. But I was that young person.

Kinda borrowing the swag of Cee-lo/Gnarls Barkley, most of my heroes had the heart to live out on a limb, doing what it is they thought was right. (Not trying to discuss right or wrong; or, good vs. evil.) And hopefully you do whatever it is that you do for more than fleeting things like money, but for something deeper. Although, bills, mortgages, living costs, etc. are real concerns. It’s well-known that you need to be a valuable and contributing member of society, somehow or just valuable. Meaning you earn a living.

It’s never too late so, go chase your dreams and fail–or succeed. Just go find out. It’ll teach you more in the process than any teacher or professor from any institution could ever try to, even if you dream of being a teacher or professor. A professor can’t teach you to do something they cant or haven’t done, so Dream Big. Little black kids need to dream big, knowing the world is their oyster too, and that they can be Neil Degrasse Tyson, Anton Thomas, PhD, or Jay-z. There’s more to life than shoes and entertainment. You can transform footwear and be a billionaire or trillionaire and give it all away. It’s clear that we’ve been miseducated about how to approach and go through life.

Jaden Smith was clearly high as fuck, when he said the world would be better if there weren’t schools, because our Education teaches us to be dumb or stifles thought, or something like that. Then went on to say, babies would be the smartest beings if they Imagecould convey it by speaking. He has a good point, in that our Education system needs to get better and change the concept for what it is to teach. But, babies are pretty much blank slates, unless you theorize that they are born into the world with all the answers, or have a cognitive function that is higher until they are forced to learn. Shit maybe. haha. It’s interesting and problematic that I even know Jaden said this.

ImageInstagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook are setting peoples’ expectations and defining success, cool, and whatever else by way of instapics, 140 characters, reblogs, and status updates. It’s kinda sick. We’re all little homogeneous beings lacking the drive and spirit to do more. All programmed the same. Maybe we can’t get mad that the large corporations run everything and Banks are getting too bigger* to fail. We are all buying into the same mode of thinking and way of living. There are people fixated with being a part of the conglomerate and having what they see via various media outlets, including relationships.

Girls want to get married, find love, have a family and have the perfect man that can help create it all for them. Men just do all that is required to get the affection of women, until one gets him. And, hopefully he acts right. Remember he’s been pushing for success to gain the attention of a woman his entire life. People love what Jay-z and Beyonce have, Angelina Jolie and Brad, Will and Jada, Barack and Michelle, Tom Cruz and wait…um… Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Brady and Giselle, etc. I can guarantee they have defined happiness for themselves or they really aren’t happy; and that their relationships aren’t what you would want for yourself. Unless of course you want a relationship where money and fame is the call of the day, and getting strange sex from another with as much to lose as you, because that is the best plan of attack for getting some ass since your wife or man is off in another country or place for…days, weeks, months at a time. But, you don’t want to have it all come crashing down because of a TMZ report. Basically, you have to find what it is that makes you happy. It’s something that can’t be taught to you. You’re most likely to find out what that is when you have peace of mind.

Therefore, social media, your parents, friends, and social media, should not define your happiness. Moreover,those celebrity relationships should be the LAST to teach or set expectations for a relationship (if that’s what you want to make you happy). You have to blaze your own trail to leave a mark.

Well, I postulate that once you reach your Billionaire status, or you’ve done everything that it is that your parents, friends, and society thinks is great, you will finally be able to have peace of mind and do the things that you really want to do. You will finally be able to see what it is to enjoy the little things. So until then, another day, another dollar, another social media view to inspire, depress, or empower you to reach the point where you gain higher ground in this rat race. “I Gotta Find Peace of Mind”



LeBron James is a better physical athlete than Michael Jordan and a better basketball player. If you’ve seen Bad Teacher you will know the argument I will make. LeBron is a better rebounder and passer, and he can more effectively guard several positions.

Derrick Rose didn’t do to LeBron yet, what Iverson did to Jordan. Who cares!? Yeah. Ok. But, as the game advances we have a better understanding of things. Iverson shocked Jordan’s system. Jordan didn’t know what to do. Iverson’s style of play was foreign to Jordan the same way Jordan was foreign to Craig Ehlo, Dell Curry, Stacey Augmon, or Joe Dumars, to name a few.

Conversely, LeBron has seen Jordan, Bird, Iverson, Nash, Kobe, Magic etc. so he’s prepared for anything. And scoring wise, Durant is and will be better than Jordan. We as humans just get better. People 6’9 and 6’11 respectively shouldn’t be able to do better than what 6’0 guards, or even 6’6 guards did traditionally. Shit has changed. Hey Grandpa! It’s a new world. There are greater minds than Plato and writers than Shakespeare like Stephen Hawking or Stephen King.

Saying Jordan is better than LeBron, Kobe, or Durant is like saying the first iPhone, which was phenomenal and changed the cell phone industry or smart phone industry is better than the iPhone 3G or 4. I won’t say LeBron is the 5s. But, hold your breath because there will be a dude to play basketball that’s better than all of them in the coming years.

Jordan like the first iPhone, changed everything and there was nothing on the market to compete with it or him–at the time. LeBron is in a different era with Androids and Windows smart phones like Carmelo, Dirk, Wade, Kobe, Durant, Westbrook, Rose, Paul George, etc. Other people have great ass skill too, who learned from Jordan like other companies like HTC learned from the iPhone. Just think. There are people like James White, who couldn’t makes waves in the League, but are better leapers than Jordan. See, Gerald Green too.

PlayStation 3 was better than PS2 the same way XBOX 360 was better than XBOX. Atari was great until Sega and Nintendo dropped. The Lamborghini Countach was one of the best automotive achievements until something better came along. See the trend?

People like technological advancements, get better as time passes. And for every video game system advancement, or enhancement in information technology, or decrease in size of devices, there are unknowns or less popularized advancements, but advancements nonetheless. There are great minds and stories and basketball players that you will never hear of; but that doesn’t mean they didn’t or don’t exist; and that they weren’t better than your or your dad’s favorite player. Making it to the masses is an issue of opportunity, luck, and skill.

Mentioning that Jordan won more championships or that he never lost in the finals is a flawed argument. LeBron got to the finals way before Jordan ever did, although he lost. If you mention Jordan’s accomplishments also mention how Jordan lost or failed a bunch of times before he made it to his maximum level. People make excuses for him, when he lost to the Magic in the playoffs because he came back from playing baseball.

Stop clinging to the past like Americans cling to the 2nd amendment as a rationale for why people should have automatic weapons and laser guns and shit. It’s a new day. FuckyeahLeBronJames!

I’ll stop dick riding when you do!

Lawyers’ Lament

You know you aren’t special.

But you’re special to them.

From the tv shows and movies that glorify the struggle, it’s not too many that can’t do what we do.
Your success comes from skill draped in luck.

Did you make enough A’s in school?

Or pucker up enough to be the right person’s tool?

A keen ability to know what to say to people

And a vivid imagination

…enough to play people.

We’ve come a long way from burdens of 1L, to fearing some shit we do will land in us hell, or jail–even worse.

We live in this world. It’s what we know too well.

Angered that our work gets undone or another gets the credit

all to have 4 closets of Zenga and Hickey Freeman suits each tailored

and not worry about credit.

I wanna pull up to the golf course

in my Porsche

sharing war stories over a stogie, after hitting the back nine.

Lobster rolls and wine,

for lunch.

Never mind having a house with a pond and marble columns. We’ll settle for a McMansion with a private drive way.

Professorial to others in a quest to be greater

but there’s a power struggle too great we can’t dare to presume to wrangle.

Should’ve been a doctor, or businessman

not a paper pusher, argument crafter, contact drafter or killer, loophole finder, reg dodger, all for another’s profits

yet relish to share their dollars.

Your personal injury is our win
we guarantee,
please believe me,
I got kids, an aging wife, and a secretary

…associates, and paralegals to feed and please.

So please

work with me.


…Percent commission of any wins.

In one city there* 80,000 of me

but I’m better than them who don’t have the name of my law degree.

And I’ll squad up with those just like me.

I’m in a town where all they know is me

take your business and live where u can’t even reach me.

I’m in a big city where dollars are everything,

I gotta get those dollars so I don’t feel like nothing.

Far removed from pain of 2L or boredom of going to class to learn nothing!
Unapplicable info learned during 3L, a forced philosopher and all I wanted was a trade to get me paid.
These bar costs keep coming and hope I do things straight to escape the hammer of disbarment.
How quick we forget the agony of hiding out in books for 3 months to take a test for 2 days, or 3, to wait on results for 5 months praying and willing to dedicate your first child so that you pass.

I forgot about doing right.

I need to this cash.

150k so not to be considered the same

150k so there’s no need to have game

150k gotdamn what a shame

I mean sham, not enough money can pay us back for how our souls’ slain.

Just honor and respect us

at least the best of us

I can only imagine the love I’d find if I never thought this way

Can’t unlearn or spurn it. I bought this me I am. I worked for this me I am. And learned to be a killer…
for this me I am.

I promise I won’t thwart another effort by tipping off the opposition.

Hoping they may offer me a higher paying position.

I promise not to lie and say it can’t be done or we can’t do it. Fuck it

i”ll do it,

you need the help and I’m here to. I’m before God and the courts

but they should know lying out your ass is par for the course.

We take shit personal…fuck business. I been in this for the wins, it is personal, you bitches.

An argument, I could lose, a strategy seen from miles away, it’s chess at its best. But there’s always another day…

and another fight to get right. Even if its at home. The effort never stops. It’s like time, it doesn’t.

A competitor’s spirit finds the motive in their soul, not a paycheck.

But fees, a mortgage–god forbid–school loans will check your dreams.

Don’t be fooled, money, power, respect, sex, and people relationships

and the the chance to do and see shit you’d never expect…

is the driving force.

I wanna save the day, so one day, I can say, I did that for you’all.

it’s time to pay me, b/c I can’t forget the face of my daughters and sons when they thirst and hunger or desire

and they should have that b/c their parent’s a lawyer.

Working hard for the money

taxes better not come take it from me.

Hide it out in he Caymans and have a nice vacation.

I deserve it,

I structured your license agreement perfect.

Lost sleep, hugs, and kisses from the Miss. Mr. Mrs. or Mistress.

Made millions and can’t give it up

too much love for the game…and perks just the same.

What else am I gonna do, but be a lawyer?

Until I die or they take it from me.

I’m still gonna be a lawyer.