Big Sean -Control Ft. Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica

Kendrick Lamar created a social media frenzy with his verse on Control. It was genius no matter how good or decent you may have determined the verse to actually be. Anyone who responds has given it credence. More than that, with every response Lamar is in the discussion, which will only enhance his popularity. Something he ultimately wanted.

We will all be looking for what Lamar does next. Some artists are afraid to respond. They don’t want to have their response compared with others responding (so far: B.o.B.- How 2 Rap; Joelle Ortiz-Outta Control; and Lupe- SLR 2), and to Kendrick’s. (All those verses were impressive, if only for the quickness in which they were turned out.) Kendrick wins no matter what. By simply naming names of newer rappers, while expressing his top rapper list; we will all be paying attention to K Dot. 

People that were left off this list were only dismissed because they are not NEW or THE BEST. So, Lupe et al, you’re neither new, nor the best. Sad but true. Although, all New Yorkers should be personally offended by the verse. Good luck to those guys trying to fight back.   

Even with all the Kendrick Lamar hype, I’m waiting on what 2 Chainz will do next. Just look at his portfolio of work over the last couple of years, starting with Duffle Bag Boy. He’s a real rapper or lyricist. His flow is unique, and his similes require you to think a bit oddly, as he must. Show respect where it’s due.

Rap artists and hip-hop heads are always trying to draw a line and say who is the G.O.A.T., but what we fail to realize is that diversity of artistry gives the discussion legs. 2 Chainz certainly adds excitement and humor to any track. Some artists don’t make it to where he has b/c they don’t have that quality. He had a good first album, let’s see what the Sophomore joint is on.

But, back to Rappers in general. Rappers have to have a love-hate relationship with their peers.  The reason being is: any rap beef helps bolster your listeners listening, but you could lose the “battle.” Having a counter-point of ideology and/or style allows listeners to have a variety. The pleasure is in the variety for me. Variety is a good thing that helps advance our tastes and perspectives. Rap, like weed, like wine, is great in that there is so much to offer. Different types take you different places, which is the cool thing. Some cheap, some more potent, some high class. You can only make distinctions when there is numerousity. Enjoy! 

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