New Kings!


This video shows wealth distribution in America. I praise the hard work and design of this video. What the video really shows is that we have returned to an earlier era. There are kings constructing a pseudo-feudalism regime, relating to manorialism. We’re the serfs fighting to be lords, who will hope to hang with the kings. These new kings don’t rule or run countries per se, but they run the most powerful of operations, including having extreme influence over the government for a corporate purpose. We are killing ourselves for the benefit of an entity.

We Are Dying for Motivation


In an American where you can’t afford the basics like food, housing, clothing, healthcare, retirement, education (without paying for it forever), and the list goes on, you’ll find the market for great inspiration increases. Why keep pushing? Do you need to look into your child’s eyes? We’d kill for them–right?

Where opportunity is not knocking, or where chances to show your worth are thwarted by systemic problems of society like “who you know” being more value than “what you know,” killing the theory of merit, we’re left looking for inspiration to keep pushing against the odds.

Keep dreaming and keep working, America. Don’t quit in this increasingly difficult world to live with a decent foundation.

The power is within us.