What’s Possible?

The significant space between good and great, great being at the very top of the scale, is filled with belief. The person who decides to set a world record (which should be respected as greatness within that realm) doesn’t necessarily know it’s possible, but believes it’s possible. So every time people sit in meetings, discussing probability; or, when people are discussing ranking factors for a particular candidate’s future ability to do a certain job, the most important idea or concept is missing. Belief. Belief that something that has not happened before can happen now, which translates into whether or not any past indicators matter for future unseen greatness.

All this boils back down to very simple constructs of hard work, dedication, passion, will, heart, and mental strength. So go out and take care of the basics to set the foundation for a wonderful work of art. Can’t paint on canvas without a canvas, and you can’t paint without paint–although I guess you could use something else. But I digress. Just go out and try with all the resources and belief you can muster; and even if you don’t strike magic or gold or the goal, you will have learned something for the next time.

Go be great!

Attracted to the Dedication



In this era of physique ogling, many responses to the fittest of the female and male images are made known. Some positive and some negative. Either way, I observe and have my own reactions which range from positive to negative. Regardless of the aesthetically pleasing physiques–or not–I come back to the same conclusion. The dedication required is the most appealing, dismissing the physical manifestation.

Someone spent a massive amount of time thinking about and acting on their body. Their body of work…steeped in dedication. Additionally, they spent more time and energy crafting their diets and implementing them. It’s the holistic approach that goes unappreciated at times. I think the same is true with any figure of success, including but not limited to individuals like engineers, that help create our water systems or Playstation 4; doctors who research and discover remedies to advance humanity; or, any person that brings a valuable idea to life. The common strand is dedication. Constant, consistent and relentless in bringing a belief in thought to truth in the physical. It’s the representation of mind over matter. That is when we should all think about our negative or unavailing positive responses to work, and be appreciative of the work ethic if nothing else.