“We the People…”

We are what makes life special. “We” meaning every single person on earth. There’s no telling who the next pioneer is; or, who will have the right combination of skill, environment, and chance to help redefine living and further our understanding. Which is why is it is so unbelievable that we have created so many “isms” (racism, sexism, classism , etc) and taken on a plethora of self-destructive behavior. These behaviors are systematically plaguing progression. We have to support and love one another. We’re all the same.

How much talent has been lost in the streets of Chicago? How much talent has been lost because we think we still have to approach life as humans as “only the strong survive?” People go hungry when there is a surplus of food? But violence in general is a killer of talent. And “isms” are a killer of confidence. A person has to believe in themselves in order to achieve, but that’s stripped away when people are confronted with hatred or resentment about something that’s meaningless. But it seems so real.

People are our greatest resource. We established domestication, airplanes, the Internet, space travel and the international space station, highways, satellites, music, artistry, and so much more. And even if that was “God’s doing,” God acted through us. God’s brilliance comes from all kinds of people. Therefore, we have to cultivate that resource that is us. There’s so much unknown about the possibilities of this universe and the possibilities of people here on Earth.