Happy Corporate Thanksgiving

I’m not a traditionalist. Things change. And things changing is a good thing. The fact that businesses are not revering Thanksgiving anymore, by operating on that day, speaks to the fact that we Americans revere money and spending it much more…we want the material things much more. It’s not like some Corporation just up and said, “no turkey on Thanksgiving. Go shopping!” No. People who work for the corporations set out a business plan, and crunched the numbers and decided to set it in motion, based on understanding what the people really want. What sucks is that the retailers have to have employees operating the stores. It sucks for the people who have to work. It sucks for the people who lose a holiday, while those who keep their holiday can go and shop or go out like they want to on Thanksgiving. The people spoke with their wallets and desires. I love when broadcasters or interviewers ask their athletic NBA or NFL subjects if they mind playing on such a holiday. Like, doesn’t suck losing your holiday? Pose that question to yourself, given that person is also working. But athletes have the advantage to say that they love it, they grew up wanting to be on the biggest stage ever and that it’s a blessing. They do it with a handsome salary doing what they love. Sadly, people working at wal-mart aren’t in love with their jobs or their pay.

But, we are different…our culture has changed. Traditions change as the culture changes. We don’t need to pool our harvest together in a cornucopia and eat one major fest to celebrate the season. No! We have grocery stores and fast food, and a plethora of fine restaurants to eat at, at any given moment. Thanksgiving isn’t what it used to be because people who work at corporations fucked it up. No, the Times changed. People who work, want to use their off days to get shit done that they can’t when they are working 9-5 and commenting to and from work, while having to pick up kids and take them to their tutors or soccer practice, or all the many things we do around working and school. Thanksgiving is a day off, and day try don’t want to spend over a stove and cleaning dishes. We want to spend that time with friends–maybe family–and being social. Essentially, we have spoken. We have said we would rather be shopping on Thanksgiving and being out and running errands then sitting around the table.

Our tradition has changed. Happy Thanksgiving!