To Evolve our Concept of God and Religion

Way back when people thought the world was flat, we had Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, among other religions. Since then, not only did we find that the world was round, but additionally we learned that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and that the Sun is not the center of the universe. Countless other discoveries, through scientific processes have unveiled enormous amounts of knowledge. Thus, enhancing our understanding of the world we live in, bringing humans closer to a realization that many want. Why is it not similarly possible to have our understanding of God and our religious practices improve bringing those who practice closer to what is required of us while on this planet?

The only thing we should do is continue seeking “truth,” new realities and new possibilities; then embrace them and incorporate them. ┬áChange and growth is part and parcel of realizing our purpose.

Do a Sit in on this Shutdown!

snagged from the Huffington Post

snagged from the Huffington Post

It’s a shame that Congress has taken this step to estop the Affordable Care Act (worse known as Obamacare). Congress is debunking the theory that the cream of the crop rises to the top. Now, what’s more disgusting is what this says about us. It says that money drives everything for us. Federal workers will not get paid, therefore they will not be able to go to work. Aren’t there things that need to be done? Isn’t our government here to work for the people by the people–not trap us. But, I guess federal workers very well can’t just go in to the job because the costs of energy used to run certain buildings or the supplies used for doing jobs.

I still feel as if that is a cop out. Energy companies and property owners can’t take the hit, just to keep the wheels turning? The Feds not working will affect them too. The paper and ink that is used at federal agencies and departments have been paid for. Why does everything need to stop? But, it’s clear that we work for money and not for the people, which the federal government is supposed to do. Shouldn’t we be working for a purpose greater than money?

Congress is also sending another message: We wield the power. And, this may serve as a disincentive to ever vote a minority into power again. Or create a country-wide response where the majority will never be elected, as the population continues to shift.

Congress has used money as a mechanism to punish us. Well, we have to grow to become better than allowing money to control our actions. You can’t very well say “fuck money,” but there is more to life. We have purpose. Other people depend on the work you do. And, there are responsibilities that we should feel are greater to us than just a way to pay the mortgage. We shouldn’t be mad a Congress alone. Be mad at the fact we have allowed this to have so much power over us; and it’s something we created–money. We’re handcuffed by money and an absurdly high cost of living environment. We have to work.

Therefore, Federal Employees ought to rebel by going to work. They ought to not follow the instructions to close offices or federal land. Stand-up, rise up, fight, against the Shutdown by doing what it is you do everyday. Let this be our restaurant “sit-ins” of the 60’s. Have some gumption.