Every Day!

I’ve only hypothesized, but still unshakenly believe it as true, that the calendar we follow does not accurately reflect or precisely define when the Earth completes one revolution around the Sun (our notion of what demarcates a year). Whether I’m right or wrong, the calendar does give us uniformity with something tangible to turn to for milestones. Our calendar effectively allows us to be on roughly the the same page, with everyone in the world (although I know for a fact that the calendar does not account for the minor changes in the time it takes the Earth to circle the Sun. [Even with a leap year trying to account for the changes.]). Dismissing my desire to be precise, I will be wishing the world a Happy New Year, at 12am Eastern Standard Time. I’m bound by these rules. Another unsolicited hypothesized-fact is that our seasons of (winter, spring, summer, and fall) our changing–at least when they start.  

Alright. So, my whole point in saying that, was to say that even though we are bound by these rules, we shouldn’t rely on our calendar telling us it’s January 1st, to spark our resolutions or lifestyle change. Or, think that with the Earth hurling in concert also bound by rules or laws of gravity through an infinite universe that January 1st is any more special than April 27th or any other day. Basically, I made my new year’s resolution for the rest of my life sometime in the middle of 2013. That resolution is to use each day to be the person you want to be. I can’t wait around for a calendar or other conveniences. I know I’m right too. Thus, I think everyone else should feel that way. haha. At any rate, Happy New Year you amazingly, beautiful people of the world.