Happiness for Christmas!

All around us we can see examples of inequality, injustice, and an inability of those who wield power in the form of money or governmental position to do “right.” Because of the internet, the world can also view via Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and billions of blogs and art with symbols of love and positive quotes how to live wonderfully with ourselves and others. People are defining themselves, living to enrich the lives of others, and growing in a positive light even without having everything that they thought would make them “happy.” Happiness is real and it’s definition is internal. And, people are finding that they can be merry, joyous, and full of love and compassion even if they are not presented with it because they are creating it. Tough people are emerging. The toughness in them is a result of finding control of their minds and souls while shuttering many fears because of dealing and surviving the perceived worst of times. Things are never as bad as they seem, especially when you can find how to glean the good, then make that good much better.