If the World were to End (but then it Didn’t)

The Fifth Element is a ridiculous movie that taught me something special. And, I feel like I never got the point of the message, until I got the point of the message. This world, here on Earth, is an amazing place, that goes un and under appreciated–far too often. And, we live with constant fear of destruction. With that fear, we preemptively create destruction in order to deal with our own fears. Kill or be killed. How can that change? Is there more to this life than the pain we always cause? There is.

Well, what if NASA in conjunction with other “authorities” on the matter, determined that the Earth was going to be hit by an asteroid, and everything on Earth will be obliterated, one year from today? What would you do today and for the remainder of that year?

I know I would love everything, try anything, and spend my time living in my passions that I’ve learned to be passionate about in my lifetime up until now, knowing they would be expanded in a very short time. This being a codependent concept on our society still functioning in a recognizable manner. But would it? And as that year passed by and there was one day left until eminent destruction, what would you do, and where would you be, and who would you be with?

But then, for some reason, the asteroid changed it’s trajectory, by mans doing, or there being a saving grace provided by God, or the energy of the universe shifting, that allowed us to all live on.

Is there any way that you would be able to return to living how you lived one year earlier?


When you are changed, it’ll be forever. With that knowledge, you can just make that decision now. Live and love your life like there’s only a year or a day left, and I guarantee you will not go back to the fucked up ways of yesterday. I promise our society would be improved as well. All things we do now would be impossible to do the next day.

On Earth

Hard pressed to
find a pretty dress that our mother can wear
But pressing harder to unscar that surface she wears
it’s been far too many years of our arrogance
we should fear it
not adhere to it
we are the feeble ones
I’m declaring it
that our actions lack perspective of nexus
to our own demise
it’s our selfishness

But it could be that our Mother can handle all that we do
and it could be that we’re just annoying
like in our terrible twos
Our mother will out live us all
and we’ll likely be the cause of our own downfall
and take others with us
hoping our time won’t go unnoticed in forever
from atoms we came
or dust
years spent pillaging and searching for lust
depleting all we can
not worried about the next man
we’ll be lined up together as sand
to the dust we return
dealing with a woman’s scorn

Maybe the lord’s or other bad fortune of the heavens
we should pray for benevolence
our mother spins hard in rotation
much is her flotation
and patience
let us learn from the world we’re in for all the clues are here
embrace it, take trips, and get there…
finding the why…

Here on Earth