Pete Carroll is an Example…


With the recent Seahawks’ win, and other wins under Coach Carroll, I do believe Pete Carroll is an example of a successful coach. He is also an example of what most coaches, who have coached football at the NCAA level are like, not so much in his behavior or skill level, but with his tactics. And, by tactics, I mean the fact that people have to get their hands a little dirty. This should not take anything away from his success at the Pro or College level. The idea that his hands could be considered a little dirty is based on the regulations of the NCAA, but regardless of his recruiting techniques Carroll knows football; and is still carrying on with a youthful exuberance and love of the game, at 62. What this should call attention to is the NCAA.

Johnny Manziel, may have profited from his autograph this summer (not like he needs the money). And, after NCAA investigations were complete, he served a team administered one-half game suspension. But–current NFL wide out–AJ Green was suspended by the NCAA, for four games, for selling his jersey for $1,000 to an alleged agent, after his junior year in college. All the money he made for UGA? He can’t profit too. Oh! My boy Dez Bryant lost his entire senior season and the money from a dropped stock in the NFL pro draft, for lying about hanging around a former prominent athlete. It’s really not a surprise that the treatment of one rich white kid, who won the Heisman is juxtaposed to two black kids, who are now millionaires, but god’s grace. There appears to be an arbitrary enforcement mechanism. And looking to these examples Racial issues are still alive and well if NCAA sports are any indicator.

So why does this matter when talking about Coach Pete Carroll? Because he coached Reggie Bush, who–while at USC–under Carroll’s tutelage, was accused of taking money. Reggie was then stripped of his Heisman Trophy. USC would also deal with sanctions. And, what was Carroll’s role? what punishment does he deserve? But, good thing for Coach Carroll he got out of there and landed a position with the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. But, the idea that USC and Reggie Bush have to give up wins and a trophy is ridiculous. Hopefully while on the level playing field that is the NFL, it will show that USC was deserving of those wins and Bush entitled to his trophy.

We have an NCAA which implements rules and regulations for players, schools, and coaches alike, but it seems for the most part that it’s the players who get in the trouble, spawning from a multitude of reasons. The coaches and schools find themselves in violation when attempting to recruit the best players. It’s clear the rules have to get broken to have a modicum of success. Moreover, the lack of guidance from the coaches and schools hurts players when players start to look like goldmines, based on their stellar college performances.

Sadly, not everyone is going to be rich from playing a sport–including those who make it to the highest NCAA level. Sadly, those players who don’t “make it,” are left with nothing to show for it financially. Money matters. You can argue that players have the chance to earn a free degree, but in this economy, it’s next to worthless, especially when considering the majors for the degrees earned, if earned. The compromise of blood, sweat, tears, and a lack of a balanced college life is not repaid with a free education. The NCAA is running a plantation especially when it comes to sports like football and basketball.

Pete Carroll knows the devil that is the NCAA and the difficultly associated with being a successful head coach at that level. He had to do dirt to hit pay dirt enough times to where his teams could win, which enables him to look good. And, now with Coach Carroll at the NFL level, where the playing field is level, as far as talent is concerned–for the most part–it’s clear to see that talent acquisition is only a part of the puzzle. Pete Carroll is showing that it’s what you do with the talent.

The money used to entice young talent to attend a school does not make a team win, no more than buying a drink for a girl at a bar will get a man laid. It helps. It helps. But, there is way more involved in order to have a team win or have a man get laid. The NCAA should appreciate that fact when handing out violations, while NOT amending their rules for this current age of collegiate athletics. The NCAA stripping Bush of his Heisman is still a bullshit decision. Reggie didn’t play better because he got a couple hundred dollars. Fuck that chump change! Think about it this way: that money was nothing compared to the money Reggie Bush helped the NCAA, ESPN, the then PAC-10, and USC make during his tenure. Not to mention what all players help networks and their schools to earn for playing a sport. Reggie was trying to get NFL money, not a few hundred bucks so he could help mitigate the cost of living, or to get it while the getting is good because nothing is promise in a gladiator sport like that.

Basically, Pete Carroll is exposing the NCAA for their weak ass policies, with his winning in the NFL. Hopefully Chip Kelly and Jim Harbough can keep the show going. Pete Carroll is going to win no matter where he is because he has the tools from his knowledge of the game, not money from…whatever resource to pay players (if they are getting paid, because not all do). Face it: College Sports are not amateur sports. College athletics are a billion dollar business made off the backs of young people, without the allowance of paying the talent. It’s so hypocritical, it’s sickening. And not to mention criminal, in that schools have arranged price-fixing, so not to pay players (see antitrust laws). Just stop with the bullshit NCAA and schools protecting their profit margins. Way to go Coach Carroll, you’re exposing the NCAA.

Also!! The Lack of Diversity in leadership in NCAA athletics…: