The Thing About Cages

We created these cages…

The cages aren’t only for the lions, tigers, and bears

The cages aren’t only made of steal bars and fears

The cages have been made for the special among us,

The cages have been made with complexified ideas

contained within pages of text

The cages have been made for more than just slaves,

and the reprobates.

We’re all being robbed and we’re all endangered

to our own cages that we set up

Be careful not to slip and fall in your own trap or cage

Be greater than limitations and known possibilities

Stop being your own or others’ enemy.

we cage the greats (to be unique is to be great);

we hold them back and gang up on them;

so hide if you’re special;

blend in;

don’t stand out;

be a carbon copy;

fuck uniqueness; and

seek mediocrity.

It’s easier.