American Greed is a powerful show, beyond the stories depicted. It’s been on the air for about 5 or 6 seasons.
The show explores the white collar crimes perpetrated by individuals who value money over everything. The subjects of interest are often times considered intelligent, smart, personable, savvy, along with other positive attributes. It seems to demonized the actions and fall out that the subject of interest caused, then exculpate them from real guilt at the same time because the the justice system is so broken that it enabled them and doesn’t adequately redeem the injured. Thus, the justice system becomes the real problem in that the harmed individuals from these white collar crimes are still left to foot the bill.

The show is justified in identifying the flaws of all elements involved in these crimes, scams, and schemes to enable a person to live a materially rich life, while pointing out benefits of hard work and thinking outside the box or ahead of the times. The show wisely hints and demonstratively shows Americans’ greed as well as Americans’ lack of awareness.

Our justice system does suck, it’s slow, and doesn’t account for innovative crimes that have layers of guilty parties. But, it does show that there is a natural balance that occurs. A multi-millionaire thief will have their deeds catch up to them in the form of jail, family issues, health issues, and death.

The show has taught me to live on the right side of the equation as much as possible. Karma is real. Evolution and change is the only constant. You can’t stay out front or on top forever.