Dear Donald Remy,

Donald Remy. “I hope you’re bad at your job” – above the law

Dear Donald Remy,

You recently said, “student-athletes are not employees within any definition of the National Labor Relations Act” and that there is no existing employment relationships between the “NCAA, its affiliated institutions or student-athletes. This union-backed attempt to turn student-athletes into employees undermines the purpose of college: an education. Student-athletes are not employees, and their participation in college sports is voluntary. We stand for all student-athletes, not just those the unions want to professionalize.

Where do I start? Congratulations for becoming the NCAA’s General Counsel? Do you really believe what you are saying is correct? Can can show us exactly how NCAA athletes do not meet the standards of being an employee? Or is simply stating it, as if it is a fact, enough? Are student-athletes employees of their individual universities? Isn’t your decision to work for the NCAA voluntary too? You don’t have to work there? Where do you think the revenue and money generated come from to pay your salary? Try to cut the line of connection to the players off if you would like, but it is impossible. Oh, are you saying “if you don’t like [playing college sports]..quit” to student-athletes? How many coaches enticed players to sign an agreement to play at their institution? Do you realize that you are taking on the voice of a legitimized criminal operation, see Antitrust violations such as price fixing? Can you see that not treating “student-athletes” like employees is like operating a sweat shop or other forms of oppression like slavery? A free education isn’t free if you are working (by playing a sport) to get it. Getting perks for playing is a distraction, not the value for what is deserved. But you take this position because you must think it is okay because “laws” can be construed and interpreted in a way to support your position–right?

Ultimately, change is coming. And you will regret these comments. Facts don’t seem to appeal to colleges and the NCAA, so there is no point is showing the much discussed facts. Turning to rules and policies created by those with the power, who are effectuating the injustice are not rules that should really be relied on, now should they? See Jim Crow laws. It’s why unions are formed!!! But, if you have a concept and appreciation for history you will know that change is inevitable. This NCAA system is going to change. With that, your comments seemingly lack insight and intelligence that you have. But, your comments definitely reflect your value system of doing whatever it takes for the money.

The NCAA has grown beyond the imagination of those who created it. Maybe not. But as the NCAA is currently, there must be a change to give justice to the players who are producing the blood, sweat, excitement, and other things that the Colleges and NCAA have made billions from unjustifiably without sharing an adequate piece of the pie with the players. Now, when players are seeking to level the playing field, here you come in your hired attack dog role. You lack vision and a moral compass. You’re why people don’t like lawyers.


A former NCAA Div.-I athlete and lawyer

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