Eat Right


Eating the “right way” is a significant prong in a healthy lifestyle. Without question. But I propose that we may have vilified fast foods and gmo infused foods without the consideration that there is anything redeemable about them health wise. Bear with me, please. This is just ahem food for thought. This is my World War Z moment, where I want to be that lonely voice in the room, suggesting something a bit different, with a few sayings as my basis in conjunction with one another.

Okay so they say there’s, there’s a balance in life, and if you combine that saying with you are what you eat and everything in moderation, then could it be possible that some fast foods and gmo products can be good for you.

So there have been studies to show that McDonald’s hamburger, if left at room temperature in a natural environment will remain untouched but will harden and become stale, yet and still remain intact. Twinkies are said to never go bad. Ants and other bugs will stay away from it too. The negative stuff is well documented and the negative stuff can apply in the same context for the counter argument to the argument I am about to make.

The argument is that bioengineering advancements or modifications (so not to connote that all innovation is good) of our food products and chemically infused foods strike a balance in our world to counteract other actions, such as food shortages, diseased foods or a protection of our food source in some other way. Given this result, and in combination with taking on physical traits of your food, it could be a way to preserve the human body from bacteria and slowing of deterioration, so long as this kind of food is consumed in moderation. I understand that as is, people are over eating, and it’s causing a myriad of issues. But maybe just maybe, eating a genetically altered or chemically infused food every so often can create a positive change in the human development. Some already propose that our foods are making us bigger than we were before, maybe our foods can make us live longer too if consumed with responsibility.

With the understanding that science is a method for understanding through experiments that enable advancements overtime of studying and producing from that, it goes that we do not have all the answers ever. We are constantly learning. As time forges ahead, the food products of today could lead to a better future if approached with due care. Who knows?

I recognize that our foods are killing us in the amount of salt, fats, and sugars associated with them in such the large portion sizes we consume them. But if we reduced the salt, fats, sugars, and eat these foods, which would probably taste like nothing without them, in moderation; it could possibly add years to our lives. No way to know without seeing it happen over time.

Fyi, this was not an attempt for an excuse to eat poorly because the following link contains facts to counter my points:

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