Attracted to the Dedication



In this era of physique ogling, many responses to the fittest of the female and male images are made known. Some positive and some negative. Either way, I observe and have my own reactions which range from positive to negative. Regardless of the aesthetically pleasing physiques–or not–I come back to the same conclusion. The dedication required is the most appealing, dismissing the physical manifestation.

Someone spent a massive amount of time thinking about and acting on their body. Their body of work…steeped in dedication. Additionally, they spent more time and energy crafting their diets and implementing them. It’s the holistic approach that goes unappreciated at times. I think the same is true with any figure of success, including but not limited to individuals like engineers, that help create our water systems or Playstation 4; doctors who research and discover remedies to advance humanity; or, any person that brings a valuable idea to life. The common strand is dedication. Constant, consistent and relentless in bringing a belief in thought to truth in the physical. It’s the representation of mind over matter. That is when we should all think about our negative or unavailing positive responses to work, and be appreciative of the work ethic if nothing else.

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