2 Visible Heroes!

Thank you, Richard Sherman and Kanye West. Richard Sherman has just proven that black people come in many shapes, sizes, intellect, personalities, and abilities. He’s an academic success and NFL football extraordinaire. Kanye West stood up for black people in a real way. He went off on a racist person, physically, the way he always appeared he would if you listened to how he talks. “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” was a verbal lash out that was manifested physically manifested in order to protect his wife and child’s honor. Yeezy backed up his shit talking, just like Richard Sherman did.

They are heroes simply for backing up their shit talking like Muhammed Ali did regularly–many years ago. But they are more so heroes for the command over the media they earned while vehemently portraying truth about the world. Sherman showed us they don’t want to hear our minds, but only see our bodies in action, so they can talk for us. West’s situation showed America is still fucked up and did what every man has wanted to do when pelted with racial slurs, no matter their color. Congratulations for capitalizing on your moments time and again.

Yes, the Super Bowl will be a bowl game with racial undertones!! And marijuana overtones. The bowl for the best bowls. Fuckyeah2014.

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