Pro Black

In wake of Kanye West’s latest intentionally, incorporated rant into his on stage performance during his Yeezus Tour, I realized that if he and others want the change they seek, as African Americans than they should really be that change. The rant suggested that Michael Jordan should have been able to transcend his play on the court, which made the NBA a very entertaining league and the Chicago Bulls the valuable franchise it is, into a position in the front office. But instead Jordan went on to work, then play for the wizards, as a necessary step to allowing him to gain the inroads to ownership….which didn’t happen while there.

If Jordan, Magic, Jay-z, Oprah, Tiger, and Shaq wanted to own a team they could (Jordan does and Magic has a minority share) by putting their resources together, then establish the organization. An organization that can be the opportunity the way they wished they had, when they were fighting to prominent places.

Those aforementioned mega stars aren’t the only people that can do this. Players like Gilbert Arenas, Joe Johnson, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Kobe Bryant could save and pool their resources to own, by buying an NBA franchise.

These players who make their organizations special can one day run a special organization in a way they wish they had played for, during their tenure as players. This will change the culture through sacrifice and team work. The only way! It will alter horizons for young kids coming up. Seeing beyond the game while creating a better environment for the game. This goes for other industries too.