In Re Firing Coaches

With the speculation of Jason Kidd’s job and Mike Woodson’s job being in the crosshairs of the firing gun, with just under a quarter of the season being complete, it’s hard to appreciate the idea that the teams’ collective success, or lack thereof is their fault respectively. Coaches often times deserve to be fired. But in these two situations, I can’t help but to think the players need to bear the burden.

As for the Knicks, you have two 100 million dollar players, as far as what they are being paid, in Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamire, but they can’t play together, and they can’t win on their own. A coach’s job is to get them to work together or talk to the GM to affect a trade. But when you have two superstars!? It’s the superstars. They are the ones playing. And, these guys don’t care about any coach! They are getting PAID playing basketball. Melo is getting all the shots he wants, but can’t make his teammates better. These guys lack motivation internally, that no coach can give them. Melo needs to sit on the bench and let people who can similarly lose games, but want to play, play. Let those guys earn their keep somehow.

As for Brooklyn? Ha. The expectations were too high, and for no good reason. You can’t bring in three guys from a squad and expect them to mesh well with the old guys. There is a war of factions within thy squad. Then they have to learn to play well together. But then consider the fact that Brooklyn is old. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce aren’t as motivated as they get ever closer to retirement. Not to mention injuries, especially to Deron Williams. They haven’t had their core team play together often enough. It’s a learning process. The big 3 of the Heat lost a lot their first year together. Then, you add a first year coach who was just playing with these guys on the court last year, in J Kidd. It’s hard to go from one of the guys to being on the other side as a coach. You have to give him a chance to make it work. Management had to have taken that dynamic into consideration when hiring him. Give that man a legit shot. Damn. The players have to play hard and execute on the court.

Currently the Knicks and Nets aren’t presenting a quality package on the court. Blaming the coaches is a mean cop out when you have legit superstars on your team. Basically, give some responsibility to Carmelo. And, let Kidd have a real shot at coaching.

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