Merging Art and Commerce

Merging one’s art or craft with the ability to allow it to make money is a formula that eludes many–no matter the field of specialty. Whether you’re a rapper, actor, doctor, engineer, researcher, writer, or wedding planner; and the list goes on, you have to find a way to have your craft earn money, so long as it is more than a hobby. Art takes many shapes, but being financially successful from that artistry has proven to be more difficult than participating and making great art work. So what do you do? 1) Make phenomenal work; 2) Produce it in such a way that it can help generate a living–or empire (no limits), and 3) Publicize your work through promotion. 

Turning a dream into an idea that manifests itself in some tangible form, or medium of expression, that then can be replicated or reproduced enough to get into the hands of numerous consumers, has to be an awesome and exhilarating experience. Marketing, people relationships, and constant activity is the requirement for such realization. Such is the effort one may make into the realm of art itself. That effort in artistry should match the effort in marketing it.


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