For Abortion or Gender Equality?

I’m for gender equality. Unfortunately, gender equality is at the heart of this abortion rights issue; yet, women should absolutely have the right to choose what they can or cannot do with their bodies. Period. Simply put: Abortion is a mechanism fostering growth toward complete gender equality. The sad thing about the Abortion debate is the fact that there is a loss of life hanging in the balance…all for women to achieve the equality they deserve. A necessary struggle–perhaps? Painful progress? Progress is painful and there are “lives” hanging in the balance.

There are justifications for abortion, such as it being medically necessary for an assortment of medical issues. Please consider that because of this fact, abortion will never be nonexistent; in addition, technology in the area keeps improving. Conversely, there are more than rational arguments made against abortion. Being pro life is at the top of that list of arguments in my opinion. But, the experts are in a far better position to discuss that than I am.

Taking a step back from the intricacies of the medically related and pro life debate, I posit that cultural or social norms ought to change, in addition to the substantive affect money has on the matter. I hypothesize that abortion or the stopping of it can best be effectuated by ending the pugilistic discussion and allow women (and possibly their partners) to have the right they are more than desperately and rightfully seeking. Relinquishing the stranglehold lawmakers have on abortion will allow women to approach the matter with a clearer head, without trying to exercise their beliefs where a life hangs in the balance. At that point, a more enlightened approach to abortion will ensue. It will allow the men and women involved to make a more balanced decision. I mean, that’s really what’s happening anyway. We just want the law to support that.

Abortion is viewed as an appropriate recourse in response to other stimuli like: rape, incest, pregnancy outside of marriage, expense, and expense from an unplanned pregnancy. It’s crazy how many abortions are a result of the latter three.

Humans should move beyond relying on dictation of religion. This point cannot be fully hashed out in a blog post because it incorporates other heavy topics. At the core is having sex; which potentially creates certain outcomes, such as pregnancy that people must be prepared for, if they are willing to go down the road of engaging in sex. People are clearly having sex outside of marriage these days, as a result of a sweeping cultural lifestyle change and access to related information. So, if you can accept the responsibility of sexual relations, you should also consider and be willing to deal with the results, without using abortion as a safety net. But shit happens. We will have to move beyond certain stigmas or fear of them, because abortion is also sex image issue as things are now. Are you having sex? Are you having sex outside of Marriage? Who is the father? etc etc.

Cost!! Children are expensive. In America, we believe that your children need to be able to eat, have a roof over their head, be clothed, and be educated–with all the associated costs. College alone is a ridiculous expense. Having to send multiple children through college is no cheap task. Moreover, the cost of living is disproportionately high as compared to the wages Americans earn. Thus, abortion is not only an equality issue, but a socioeconomic issue.

In conclusion, these lawmakers supported by religious zealots and pro-lifers, who are manipulating abortion rights with ultrasound laws and regulation of the medical profession, need to take a step back and assess the reasoning behind why abortion is so attractive to some. This may be a global issue, that will only be sorted out with time and an enhanced understanding of all the surrounding influences. Once other things change so will this matter. Other things like women having the right to make their decision as any man can make his own decision, creating income equality, and removing the taboo nature surrounding a necessary aspect of human existence or life, which is sex.

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