History Lessons

I have never liked studying history and most likely never will be a history buff. The devil is in the details–huh? Good. That’s why I try to stay away from those details concerning history. But, what I believe we can take from history are the overarching lessons of many regimes, empires, men and women. We can learn from their successes and failures alike. Those are the history lessons we should appreciating. No, I don’t know what year or who was the head of a certain army or governmental regime, but I do know that they eventually won or failed based on a mixture of luck, circumstances, and skill. For those who lost, it’s clear that they couldn’t remain the power that they thought they were because there is and always will be a younger, more eager, smaller yet determined faction, country, or person waiting in the wings to rise up; and another dying to assist them if they need it.

We can take magnificent quotes and individual acts of greatness to heart and as inspiration for how to potentially affect your own future positively. These are the best of the history lessons. We know that as far as we have come with society and technology, humans are still human. We find are selves trapped by our ego, selfishness, and arrogance that comes from vices of having too much power and greed. We can learn from history that Nation States or Empires cannot stay on top forever. We all fall down. We just don’t want to fall hard. In bicycle racing, the leader cannot or should not try to keep the lead the entire race. Endurance is a factor that is viciously after us all. History can teach that lesson many times over. Now, with America it is time to recognize that we are heading for a repositioning greater than what we may realize. The writing is on the wall, and in those history books I never took too much of a liking to.

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