Shutdown a Hoax?

I’m not sure we aren’t all being duped by this Shutdown. Everywhere we look we see that it’s Republicans vs. Democrats; Boehner vs. Obama; Tea party vs. Obamacare. But, I can’t imagine that these incredibly smart and successful people are this dumb: 1) Obamacare will continue to have America and Americans spending money on healthcare, which will allow those who profit from medicine to continue to do so; and 2) America has spoken; and politicians have an interest in remaining in office, assuming voting isn’t rigged, so they should act in the best interest of their constituents. Unless of course, there is something going on we do not know about.

How does this affect money? I’m not an economist, but “when there is blood on the street, buy property.” And the World is clearly bleeding behind this and someone is making money or setting up to make it. I don’t know, maybe some of the largest American Companies’ stocks will drop. Companies that heavily rely on government contracts especially…so buy low, then sell high when stuff gets “better.” Wall Street is having a ball again. But who else? Those at the top are going to remain at the top, while we, at the bottom, suffer–and we have been suffering. Would anyone think that this is a continuation of what we have already seen? The 1% are wielding all the money and power just now with the Affordable Care Act being the smoke and mirror to allow for more chicanery. Maybe we can sacrifice and get in on the stock market game?

In the NFL, it is well known that Quarterbacks have a fraternity of sorts, and there is a pecking order there, but at the end of the day they are all friends no matter how much they want to beat each other when they face off. Politicians are the same way. The new guys get hazed, and find their buddies in the Capitol, then develop while trying to remain in office, as QBs try to stay in the NFL or keep a starting job.

Rappers are notorious for hating one another but it’s all a show. They want to be “the best,” but they are usually rapping on each other’s songs, sharing studio space, producers, and the like. It’s show biz. A business profiting off of us every time there is a “beef ” or “dispute.” Profits come in the form of radio play and singles or albums bought. There is no difference with politics. They share the same work space, socialize with the same people, and have similar agendas. There may be harsh feelings and bad blood when someone is on the short-end of the stick, but it is the game they love and the show must go on. More importantly, they have to take care of their financial interests of companies paying lawyers and lobbyists who all then donate to campaigns.

During this Shutdown, is the federal money being stored anywhere? Collecting interest? Are the wheels really stopped, for those Politicians think are important? This can’t be about the President being black, although many think it could be, like Bill Mahr; or that the ACA is that horrible? But the result of this may give us pause when electing another minority to office. The Shutdown is clearly showing that there is a battle going on. It’s just not the one we see promoted. I’m simply taking another view that these politicians have made a grand show of this, and are somehow working in concert in order to benefit a certain few interests.

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