DiYI’m done complaining. And, I’m pretty sure we all need to stop complaining and start being active in fixing things. Stop expecting someone else to do what it is you want done for yourself. Do it Yourself. Martha Stewart made millions. The old adage, “if you want something done right, you should do it yourself” is more applicable to today’s political-socioeconomic environment than ever before. The main problem with DiY is the access to certain items and the knowledge or know how. The latter is far easier to get to these days, in this “information age,” but the access presents the biggest issue. Access is the key, and the key is money. Sometimes access can be a person.

Doing it yourself is great, but at times it is better to have a professional do it. Especially with craftsmanship, cutting hair, medical stuff, legal issues, real estate transactions and so forth. But, with money?? It’s time we start empowering ourselves and managing our own money. If the economic collapse didn’t teach us something post 9/11, then nothing will. Play with a 401K if you’d like. Paying money into a magical pot and expecting it to come back way better is nice. Just tell me how it really works? Ask yourself how so many 401Ks got wiped out.  Oh…and expecting that paying into social security will hold you over in retirement is foolish. Don’t rely on your parents’ or grandparents’ antiquated scheme. Be your own money manager. Invest your own cash. Taking your own risks. It takes research, luck, and diligence; and a bit of access to resources, but that’s better than losing money while the people you pay to manage it still make money on your wins or losses. I am a proponent of IRAs.

Additionally, insure yourself. Don’t rely on an insurance company to bail you out. There have been and will continue to be too many horror stories about what insurance companies won’t pay. Yeah…pay for insurance because it is going to be required. And pay for insurance especially in the event a chronic or serious illness or injury occurs. But for your everyday problems, like paying for maintenance of yourself or house or car, it may be necessary to have a rainy day fund that you create. And, put away enough money that you can withstand a blow.

What’s the main problem with this? People need wages which can allow them to do this. Thus, you have to live well below your means, which will require you to do things or not do things you “feel” is beneath you. It’s investing for the future. Fuck YOLO. Consider this: doing what everyone else is doing and expecting to have a better result than them is ____________ (fill in the blank). We are going to have to act differently and think more critically if we want to have something outside of the norm. The reason you would want something outside of the norm is because the norm is misery. Normal is barely being able to keep your nose and mouth above water long enough to get some air for when you have to go back under. It’s why people have been protesting across the globe.

You’re not in the 1%, and if you are, don’t mess it up. There is a requirement of being conservative, yet being willing to take educated chances. “May the odds be ever in your favor,” I guess.

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