I Promise I’m Not Crazy or High…right now!

Movies are great, in that they provide insight into the emotions, feelings, perspective during the occurrence and combination of certain happenings. Movies are great barring the sensationalism, although they do speak to the requirement of luck in life (my randomness).

After seeing World War Z, ghost and other horror movies, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, all the MIB movies, and other world or life changing events shown in a one to two hour format, you get to thinking what would you do if that were to happen. Would I be the hero? The first causality? Or, a lucky island vacationer watching the news and praying to stay safe?

Me!? I can’t wait for Predators to show up or the Alien visitors, assuming they haven’t actually arrived and live among us like in MIB or plotting to take over like in The Faculty.

Why!? The Human Race is stagnant right now…for the most part, socially speaking. We need a mean ass wake up call. The only problem with that wake up call, if it were to happen right now, is that we would be SO unprepared. Our leaders!? Are failing to lead. But they can’t reasonably implement evacuation procedures without scaring the shit out us. We get rattled by new Stop light and speeding cameras. But seriously, our leaders are failing to lead because we still hate each other based on image; state or country lines that don’t actually exist, but in our minds and maps. We kill each other over “territory” or a “block” that we don’t own property on, if we can actually even own property. We focus on the importance of playing Monopoly, but with actual life and land.

Lastly, I really do recognize and appreciate how far we have come since the last century and recordation of human existence, although I take it for granted. We have a long ways to go, socially more than technologically. And, there is way more to be done technologically. Imagine if Christopher Columbus or Galileo magically got a chance to see what the world looked like today. Their minds would be blown walking on sidewalks, seeing cars, buildings, planes, trains, Flat screen tv’s, smartphones, how we dress, and more. Like, imagine what advances we’ll have in 50 years. I guess we need to keep pushing and FUTW.

4 thoughts on “I Promise I’m Not Crazy or High…right now!

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post… While I’m not ready for the world to dramatically change over night, I’m blown away how fast technology has changed our lives. I still have my first cell phone from the 90’s. When compared to my iPhone I don’t understand how i even managed back then. I Don’t believe the Human Race is stagnant. I do believe should a major event were to happen, and while it may take a moment for us to get a handle on it. I believe we would adjust and survive because the Human Race doesn’t know how to do anything else but survive.

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