Newtown took the Cake…What’s your Navy Yard reaction?


Disclaimer: I watch too much TV, too many movies, and Netflix.

It’s pretty clear to me that America has become desensitized to mass-shootings, after this most-recent Navy Yard incident. My opinion is based on gauging reactions from those close to me. Even a reporter at Reuters said, something along the lines of, the energy in the atmosphere at her office was business as usual, after the Navy Yard shooting. That’s a bit surprising, since this mass shooting took place, here, in Washington, DC.  But it’s obvious that the proximity to the event has nothing to do with the sentiment. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised especially in consideration that DC had the National Zoo shooting and the DC Sniper. I’m rather sure the rest of the nation isn’t shocked by this event either.

Basically, once a man enters an elementary school and kills harmless, innocent, life-filled children there isn’t much more anyone could do to surprise us, or take our sense of security away. I’m guessing the Newtown, CT tragedy was the most heart-wrenching for the nation, of this era of mass shooting. But, Columbine will always be that landmark for me. Scary thought: Columbine for me, is what Newtown will be for younger people. Something has to be done quickly, so situations don’t intensify for the next micro-generation or generation. But, if Newtown couldn’t prompt change, nothing will.

Given the numerousity of these occurrences I’ve been forced to think about chance a mass-shooting will take place in my proximity. And, if and when it does, I pray for the ability to get out with my life (by not being the first person shot without warning). Not to mention the Boston Marathon Bombing makes me want to avoid crowds all crowds by any means possible. A healthy paranoia is built into my functioning, always surveying, but never nervous. You have to keep on going–you know!? At the Navy Yard, people were just trying to eat breakfast or have some coffee before dealing with the bullshit of the work day. But instead they had to dodge bullets?? WTF.

So my television watching of shows like Homeland (no longer interested) and House of Cards, makes me think this Navy Yard shooting was a political ploy, or play, to call attention to mental health and guns. Call me a conspiracy theorist or dumb if you’d like, but there are a few legislative issues on the table, which Congress needs to focus on, that this situation definitely calls attention.

But since Congress is too fucked-up to enact helpful, yet strict legislation in the following areas, things will remain stagnant:

1) Insurance. Insurance companies HATE paying for mental health treatment since it can be so costly and is not quantifiable since science on mental health has far more progress to make in order to fit it in a nice box like medical and surgical medicine (easiest for accountants, actuaries, economists, and other money people). So people can’t get the treatment they need b/c it’s ineffective and/or too costly. I guess this calls Obamacare into question too;

2) Gun Control. Americans are not trying to give up their guns, or access to them. Like, if this situation doesn’t call into question that there’s crazy access (too soon for a pun?) to guns, then nothing will;

3) Security and the accompanying security protocol to ensure security measures are up to par. I’m sure a military base was so confident no one would try anything, unless they had a death wish.

Honestly, reform of gun control and the others could just be a matter of time, before something is done. My hope is that things will be looking up in 2016.

As African American male it seems like Congress is not willing to play ball with President Obama because of some political and racial reasons. Maybe he should invite some Senators and Congressman to play basketball with him?

Congress has the economy torturing us, from the sequester to other things. I can proudly say President Obama received my votes, but I’m kinda looking forward to 2016, foolishly thinking that healthcare, the economy, guns, etc. will be effectively handled so long as a person who looks the “right way” is in office. Again, foolishly believing that Congress will play ball with the next man, dare I say woman.

I’m sadden by the loss of life and by the fact families must grieve. Out of respect, I would like to name just a few mass shootings that resonate with me: Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aura, Colorado movie theater shootings, Newtown, Fort Hood, the Sikh Temple Shooting (Wisconsin), and now the Navy Yard. And sorry for the many others that I didn’t mention. And, I can’t not mention the inner-city violence in places like Chicago, St. Louis and LA….even DC. Please see the Huffington Post article about mass shootings that we haven’t heard about since Newtown.

I’m tired of people senselessly dying, which leaves the families left behind to be devastated. No more of those black ribbons!!! Meaning no more mass killings! Maybe this fear and paranoia that’s built-in to me and others, is what citizens and residents of others countries have had for years, in response to drone attacks, terrorist attacks, and mass shooting by “militia.”

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