Obama is a Political Genius

It could be that President Barack Obama is a political genius. I mean, he did become President as a black man. And, his learning curve has probably been twice as hard as his predecessors given he adds his blackness to the equation. The pushing for the war against Syria was his way of getting what really wanted. He didn’t want to bomb or go to war with anyone. He just knows, given what he has dealt with in the past with Congress, Congress will be anti him. Therefore, he had to be pro-war in order to have his desired result of no war.

I hypothesize he has played pro-war knowing it would get killed in congress, while appeasing those entities with defense contract interests. Thus, he looks war hungry and tough, but ultimately won’t go to war. Goddamn! ✌Not going to war is exactly what he and we want. My President!

On the other hand, he has been overseeing drone attacks. We all have to make concessions? Or, he really may want war. And, he may not be as intelligent as I am positing he is.

Just a thought. Who really knows? But, the US presence in the Middle East won’t be fading. We’ll see what’s next b/c we still have to make sure Saudi Arabia’s interests and power remains protected in the Middle East. That’s like the US’s role or something.


3 thoughts on “Obama is a Political Genius

  1. I think that the role of Iran will be more interesting than the role of Saudi Arabia. Your thought is interesting though, Obama has joined Putin in his opinion that a dialogue is needed instead of an attack, does that mean that Obama actually wants a war?

    • Ummm…I really believe that this has to do with gaining access to energy/oil, which Iran has great storage of, according to research.

      I do think there is a great business relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia nationals (oil companies) that will remain intact. And Iran is a country of concern or Interest for both.

      Moreover, I think presidents lack autonomy and independent decision making with many aspects of running this country, mainly because they are beholden into entities that helped them get elected; also considering the 3 branches of power (congress, judiciary, executive [presidential power]) that limit a president’s ability.

      I think Obama is very smart and has maneuvered this political game very well, but that’s only what I HOPE.

      • I agree, with the invasion in Iraq the oil was also one of the reasons to do this, I think that ‘bringing democracy’ is often just an excuse to take advantage of other countries. The reason why the US helped Europe after the Second Worldwar wasn’t because they were a befriended nation, but just because their economy could profit of that. The same reason why US politics decide to do the same things in other countries. I can understand why a lot of US citizens get fed up by their gouvernment, but I think it’s one of the disadvantages of being a country with power, because doing nothing won’t increase your influence very often.

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