Propaganda Ain’t New



Are y’all really gonna run the same Iraq War justification bullshit back by us, with the substitution of Syria as the country of interest??? Then and Former Secretary of State Colin Powell claimed the US had substantial evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction, but the US never found those WMDs. Now, Secretary of State Kerry is–essentially–using the same language as Powell. It’s just all too similar; and we should fear a similar outcome.

Also, the US felt justified in pursuing Saddam since he was murdering and torturing his own people, which is a violation of international treaties. But, that torturing and killing Saddam was doing is kinda like the US’s capital punishment or having people serve jail time not commensurate with the crime (see, crack v. cocaine sentencing guidelines). Now, we are hearing that President Assad’s forces used chemical weapons against his own, which has yet to be confirmed. But…

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