Just a Thought: The Female Fitness Age

Had to edit this post and add a link to http://www.buffyshot.tumblr.com


Social media has me confused into thinking that America is getting fitter. It may not be that more people are getting in-shape, so much as it is that the ones who are fit are taking it to another level, especially women. But, I do think more people are minding their fitness. (I definitely see lots of people from other countries championing the fitness game, but America is one of the fatter countries, on the planet.) I don’t have facts or stats to back this, but it could be that Americans are making a change. And, if so, women are leading the charge. I’m basing my opinion, that we are now entering or have been in a fitness age, on seeing the popularity of fitness models all over tumblr, instagram, etc.  Just visit buffyshot.tumblr.com.

The fitness models are kinda setting the standard, but if people aren’t getting as fit as…

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