Just a Thought: Learn the New Language

Yeah…it’s good to know more than one language. I mean, the world is kinda international, meaning internationally connected. We have ways to communicate with others in a matter of seconds, with people across the globe. It can’t hurt to know Japanese, Cantonese/Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese, etc. Plus, it can create value for yourself as a professional. Shout out to Rosetta Stone!

Outside of spoken languages, people should be learning written languages, or at least one: Code. It’s the new language. The next Shakespeare, won’t be a novelist, but a Hacker or some code writer of HTML or something. Visit Code.org. There is coding behind our blogging and blogs. It’s the necessary language to communicate with the computers and applications we spend so much time on. Just a thought.

That is all. I’ll holler! And be learning code at CodeAcademy or reading a C++ book or something.

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