Driving USA

First, we must thank the engineers and construction workers who have built and paved the roads of our streets and highways, which has been an essential part of commerce while creating a multitude of other possibilities only dreamed of by those who came before us. The simple fact that we can drive around and through the various mountain regions, over rivers, under water (with tunnels) to get from point A to B is incredible. It took lots of hard work. And, it’s much appreciated.

Now, to quote a great mind in the realm of vehicle traffic, “when I’m rollin’ on the highway get the FUCK outta my way” ( by actor/rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges). Traffic flow and safety would increase if slower drivers would move aside for faster drivers. Speed limits are strict rules, that have allowed for some wiggle room, but disregarding those limits…drivers should let other drivers take the risk of being stopped by police. I mean sometimes people are justified in speeding. I would also like to have this be the life-force of this post: Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the blind obedience of fools.

NEW RULE (like Bill Mahr does): Let us Speed. The Left Lane is the lane for drivers with the most courage/biggest balls. If people to your right are passing you, then you must get the heck out of the left lane. If you aren’t moving quickly by people to your right, get over to the right!

The left lane has always been the fast lane, so why is it that drivers in the left hand lane think just because they are going “fast” because they are exceeding the speed limit gives them the right to stay put, when other drivers are clearly willing to exceed that pace–indicated by the trailing driver’s willingness to ride extremely close to the lead car. I mean, the #1 killer in the US is car accidents. Something needs to change.

Moving along, the way traffic builds on the highway really cannot be explained, absent an accident or change in traffic pattern, i.e. creation of a bottle neck, by losing a lane. I hypothesize that humans like close proximity to other humans for the most part. People instinctively cluster, on the highways, same as how we have established modern society. We rely on one another so it only makes sense that we drive like that too. But, that’s where the danger comes in–at least on the highways. City driving is a different beast.

Governing of Speeding

Police are a hazard on the highway. Drivers wish to avoid accruing violations of the road’s laws, thus creating panic manifested in heavy braking and reduced speeds at the sight of a police car. Reduced speeds especially occur when officers are driving within traffic.

Electronic Signs/Speed Cameras

Wherever electronic signs are posted, drivers slow down and traffic builds up; and safety is compromised. Clearly, people can’t read and process and drive very well simultaneously, which is why texting and driving is such a horrendous combination. Basically, stop posting signs. They don’t help. But, you can’t NOT warn drivers of impending road conditions or problems. I guess people need to read and process better. OR just stop acting like bitches (bitches as in being frightened or scared as fuck) and just drive.

Speed cameras are nice, in that it’s a cash cow. But, driver safety is not improved because people brake abruptly in trying to avoid getting popped. Speed kills, but creating distractions and panic with speed cameras is a killer too.

Vehicles are Way Better than they used to be!

As time moves along, so do our innovations in vehicle safety, efficiency, and performance. So, if the speed limit was once 55 or 60 mph, with worse vehicles, why are those the same limits that apply to our drivers and cars today? Shout out to Virginia, among other states on the east coast, for increasing their state speed limit on the highway.

NEW RULE: Renewing Licenses

Drivers need to be checked up on after time. If there is continued legal and medical education for lawyers and doctors who get licensed to practice. It should be the same for drivers. People pick up bad habits, lose motor skills, get old, fundamentals deteriorate, etc. Therefore, states need to monitor their drivers every few years to make sure they are still fit for the road. This could increase revenue that states feel they need so bad too.


I hate to push for something that kills jobs, buuuuuttttttt we should have an EZ pass system integrated into our license plates or other vehicle tags. It would create vandalism and ruin the EZ pass business, but just have a “check point” where vehicles pass through, and are “scanned,” then those drivers can be billed. It would alleviate traffic congestion and make driving a much nicer experience, especially in and near New York city. I mean, the toll booth workers could operate the machines and computers that would be necessary to effectuate such a system. Government could mail or email the bills, which could potentially help the US Postal Service. A lot of positives here.

City and Local Driving

Again, “F%&K you, speed and red light cameras.” But, I don’t mind the red light cameras, given the accompanying crosswalk countdown warns drivers that the light is about to change. So drivers are well aware of whether or not they should speed up or prepare to stop in order to make the light or not.

Traffic Lights

Isn’t there an engineer at MIT or Cal Tech inventing a stop light system based on monitoring of traffic??? Like, there’s nothing more aggravating than sitting at a Red light without any vehicles or people passing through an intersection, especially at night. I’m not a fan of breaking rules, but I am a fan of creating rules, laws, and systems that fit our fast-paced culture.

I’m just gonna keep this adding to this post as time goes on. Probably need to edit too.

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