Sports are a Reflection the Culture: Women Keep Winning

After witnessing the USA women dominate the Olympics by being responsible for 29 of the 46 gold medals earned by the US, and 58 of the total medals earned by the US, it is time to pay homage to a change in gender responsibilities that have occurred in America. The success of the female Olympic athletes should not come as a surprise given the female Olympians out numbered the males 268 to 261 for the USA. Nor should it be a surprise that women are excelling in sports the way they are because women are out performing men across the board. Looking to academics, women are attending college and graduating in higher rates and raw numbers than men. It only makes sense that more women are becoming collegiate athletes, and thusly, Olympic athletes. Not only that, but women are out numbering men in the workforce due to their academic success. Open your eyes! This didn’t happen overnight. This has been the trend for years. And please do not feel shocked or surprised that women are excelling after seizing once denied opportunities.

The advancement of women is not only expected, but it is natural too. Women have been subjugated in this country for years. When faced with bias based on gender, women have had to be that much better to be considered equal. Their standard has been pushed, which pushes their minds and bodies to farther limits. The hard work women have displayed is being realized in droves. Ladies take a bow or boast.

The proverbial doors are opening for women everywhere and women are taking full advantage of that by conquering in their respective field. Whether it’s medicine, the practice of law, engineering, business, or sports, the fact that Olympian women have excelled as they did in the 2012 London Olympics in the 40th year since Title IX is great symbolism for what people are capable of if given a fair opportunity to succeed. It’s inspiring.

Sports are only reflecting the cultural changes that have occurred over the years with more women joining the workforce and becoming more influential through politics, media, arts, and the aforementioned professional fields. The United States of America may be the world’s pioneer for tearing down gender restrictions, which has given American women an advantage over other countries. Women’s excellence in the Olympics and their respective sports is a testament to their achievements that have been occurring on a smaller, less publicized scale. The realization of their determination in the form of Olympic medals is a direct result of having an opportunity in athletics, which had been previously denied for no intelligible reason. From Hilary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Nancy Pelosi to Rebecca Soni, Alyson Felix, Katie Ledecky and the entire teams of women’s gymnastics, soccer, basketball, etc. women are showing out.

There will soon be a female President of the United States of America. This will not be because there isn’t a formidable male candidate, but because the female candidate will be the clear, better choice for the job.  It will resemble the way President Barrack Obama in 2008 had to be many times better than his opponents in order to be considered, then later won.  Instead of being surprised by or jealous of the excellence of women; the country should salute, thank, and congratulate our fellow Americans because they are keeping America as world power.

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