Just a Thought: Rethinking your Profession!

Given the present condition of the economy and a two great tracks entitled Bands A Make Her Dance and Pop That, people may need to rethink their professional choice. Currently,  many people are willing to accept less than what they deserve in order to be employed, or keep a job. Taking it a step further, managers and “bosses” have heightened demand of their employees while it enhances their egos, knowing employees are not very willing to fight back. Essentially, it leads to a degrading atmosphere where employers have all the power.  Employees are getting the short-end by working gruelingly long hours, and being underpaid.

It wouldn’t matter if you were a lawyer, doctor, engineer, or rocker scientist because the respect one may gain from their job title does not outweigh the very real effects of not gaining the compensation they deserve. Other professions, which may be degrading may be looking up, given the advantage of hours worked for the money earned, while having a better quality of life. I guess a lawyer will think twice before turning their nose up to a plumber, bar tender, Starbucks manager,  Club Promoter, or stripper. Yeah, Stripper! Strippers and Club Promoters work great hours while earning great percentages or tips. It may lack prestige or be degrading, but so is being yelled at by your boss in a cubicle.

Working really hard to climb the social (slash) employment ladder, to have that proverbial seat at the table, is great–so long as it works out. Playing the risk versus reward game is fun—maybe—but, actually having the main things you desire is better; like a quality of life. Defining quality of life is the real issue, here. We all have the inalienable right to pursue happiness.

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