Just a Thought – Not Going Back!

The Romney campaign slogan is something like Taking the Country Back, Taking Back the Country, Operation: Country Take Back, or Bring back Segregation with a side of a little Slavery and Unequal Voting Rights! (Whatever it is, “it’s [profane language] ridiculous”; see So Appalled by Kanye West.) Juxtaposed to that slogan on the Obama ticket is: Forward. There couldn’t be a more clear-cut indicator of who is attempting to be positive and who is negative. At this point in the process, there haven’t been many conversations about the substantive issues—which is fine—this is just the marketing phase of campaigning for the respective parties. Thus, it’s okay to make all the ad hominem attacks one can muster. But, when the attacks indicate a resentment of advancement, it’s just sickening.

That Romney slogan just puts a person in fear that he wants an ugly history to rear its head. Even if that’s going too far, analyzing the two slogans at face value, one can determine that this presidential election is a battle of: new versus old; or, progress versus opposition to progress.  It seems pretty natural because a divide will always exist at the precipice of swaying the popular opinion to side with one of two theories. This is analogous to deciding whether the earth was flat or round, or if the earth was not the center of the universe, or whether the average temperature on earth is increasing. Going with Forward seems like the smart, scientific, and progressive choice.

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