Race is the Prevailing Issue

President Barack Obama is one of, if not the best president this country has seen in its history. People can make all the arguments for or against it, but that’s not the point. Nor is whether President Obama’s policies as effective as compared to what another proposes in theory. Given President Obama has solidified his greatest, there is still a large faction wishing for him to be out of office.

It was just four years ago the first African-American person was elected to the presidency. It symbolized a social change, so stark, many people still cannot grasp. Now, on the brink of the 2012 election, a significant portion of the population want to see things returned to an old status quo.

A well-known racial divide—an understatement—has existed in this country since its inception. Finding differences in each other is in human nature; a benign activity. It becomes problematic when an opinion that race, gender, ethnicity, or certain other genetic variations being responsible for one being better than another. It is absurd that a former Harvard Law student, dimwitted bright enough to memorialize her sweeping stereotypical comment that African-Americans are mentally inferior in an email, is somewhere affecting change at the federal level. The same flawed thought process is driving the discussion, masked with substantive issues, that the President is not fit for office and should be replaced.

With the election of the President in 2008, equality is closer to being a reality. The only people really concerned about the realization of equality are people who are not of color. Sadly, this concern has led to pushing ANY other nominee to replace President Barack Obama. That became obvious when Mitt Romney “humorously” instigated the Birther issue to rally his constituents and to gain others. This desire to oust the President is not only to replace him, but also replace all that he represents—politically and otherwise.

No one wants to admit that race is of the essence in this country. Just look to sports and the number of coaches and owners of a certain race juxtaposed to the players they preside over; then analyze universities’ office of admissions’ policies; and themes portrayed in adult movies (I don’t watch, I’ve only heard). Seeing the amount of racially motivated comments on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs about the President and his family is incredible. It can be argued that race is more so at issue in the 2012 election than 2008 because in 2008 the country was in desperation for help.

The President is not perfect, but the amount of scrutiny he receives is unprecedented. There is one reason for that, and it’s the unprecedented nature of Barack Obama’s presidency. The only reason more people are not on his bandwagon is a direct result of some having a great ability not to appreciate his accomplishments. This country is far from being over race, and it is being evidenced all around us, in 2012. When people cast their vote in November, the vast majority will be basing it on race–or ignoring it– while the informed few will be considering the substantive issues that actually affect them.

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